What are the profitable and developing career paths in the fintech industry?

Fintechs are start-ups offering financial services and banking products in business competition with the banking and financial institutions.  Many of them operate globally and account for sizeable portions of the industry services in finance, banking, and insurance sectors.

With Fintech industries becoming hugely popular the numbers of career paths in Fintech industry that open up are huge, especially for finance and computer science background aspirants.

Appropriate skills required.
The emerging technology of today which helped revolutionize the fintech sector is of blockchain technology. To be recruited the appropriate job skills will be required. We list below such skills to develop in order to make a lucrative start of your career in the fintech sector.

  • Java: This is popular with investments, banking, and financial sectors. There is a huge dearth of skilled programmers and team members, and for obvious reasons, the payouts can be very good.
  • C#: The analytics and risk team, offshore developers, C# programmers will be needed to build tools for RWA calculations used in the financial and banking sectors.
  •  Murex: Most financial sector jobs need broad-based skills that include language proficiency, technical skills and familiarity with Murex to be on strategy teams. The analytics development and integrations with Murex will also be required of Quants.
  • Python: This is the favorite of the fintech, banking, insurance and nearly all sectors with money transactions.
  • Finance/ Business analyst: Banks are redoing their technology strategy and implementing new projects based on blockchain technology and user experience. Security, audits, back office reporting, predictive analysis, and compliance regulations are increasing creating a demand for those who can upgrade, tweak and implement transitions to the latest technology.

Developing career paths.

1. Blockchain Developer
The need for blockchain developers and experts is growing exponentially. Enterprise developers, Ethereum network-based payment solutions, smart contracts, and distributed developments will spur the demand for developers and analysts.
2.  Apps Developer
The markets of the Fintech sector has seen scaling upwards market growth in mobile and digital payment solutions, personal finance solutions and mobile app development. This has pushed up the demand for young Fintech app developers.
3. Financial and Data Analysts
Increasing numbers of startups and the fascinating growth of technology in the financial sector means unstoppable demand for financial and data analysts.
4. Product Manager
Such managers will be in high demand in the encryption, security, online identity, and cryptography areas. Knowledge of Scrum, Agile and such evolving team performance tweakers will become essential.
5. Compliance Aces
Compliance experts, compliance analysts, and compliance officers for financial companies will be crucial to ensure regulatorily, and compliance targets are met.
6. Cybersecurity and Risk Analysts
Risk management, compliance, and regulatory experts will be sorely needed.
7. Analysts for Quantitative analysis
The ‘Quants’ drive complex big financial models based on data-driven emerging technology to make those financial, banking, hedge fund, and securities trade successful, fast, secure and risk-free. Cloud computing, quantum computing, AI, AR, and predictive analysis are good algorithms for your career.
8. Culture Evangelists.
Retention of skilled candidates becomes a daunting task with the increasing supply-demand gap. The HR department, event managers, and culture advisors will be in demand.
9. Manager-Business Development 
These managers are crucial to the growth of startups and Fintech organizations.
10. Data Specialist
Data scientists, data analytics managers, financial data analysts are required in large numbers with the ever-increasing amounts of data.
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