What are the Perks of Investment Banking?

If you are considering a career in finance, Investment banking definitely comes up as an option. As it is known as the starting job in the financial sector. It is a commonly believed, that investment banking demands a lot and is a high-pressure job, but at the same time investment banking is also known for the many perks that it offers. Not only financially but also in terms of personal and professional development. If you are a person who is passionate about making money and want to multiply that in manifolds, then investment banking is designed for you.
Investment banking is mainly about matching the expectation of people with capital to the people who need the capital. So basically an investment banker gives option, advising clients on investment opportunities such as Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions etc…,
If you are a part of a developing economy like India, there lays yours.
Perk # 1, as the economy provides huge opportunities for growth, due to the availability of vast untapped sectors, high entrepreneur dynamism, and ground-breaking opportunities of constructing win-win situations between the capital provider and the people who need it for business.Investment Banking Banner
Perk # 2 is undeniable, the money! To get this one out of the way, a fresher in this domain can expect to earn a starting salary of about 20 lakhs per annum. A point to note is that there is no upper limit to the pay package in investment banking. The pay scale is directly proportionate to the contribution and value addition, a professional gets to the company, in terms of size and value of deals.
Perk # 3, smartness and intelligence gets rubbed on you, now we all know that investment banking demands long hours. An average work week would be 80 to 100 hours long. It is that much time, that you are spending with the brightest minds. Why is that? It’s because investment banking promises great wealth for the individuals, therefore it attracts the sharpest, brightest, intelligent academic pedigree, who are driven at the workplace, and clear in objectives. Therefore, even if you consider your intellect as average, by the end of your run, you would develop wonderful personal and professional expertise from these individuals.
Perk # 4, great compensation, from dinning with the richest to vacationing at the most exotic destinations, an investment banker will witness all. Besides the frills like flying business class to close deals, staying at the best of the hotels, that the job promises, the bonuses of an investment banker are to die for. Most reputed banks offer bonuses which are three times the individual's salary. Investment bankers are pampered by the banks, meals, transport, incentives etc…, are some benefits which are synonymous with investment banking.
Perk # 5, a job in investment banking opens up other career options for the individual. The analytical toolset that is developed while working in the investment banking sector can be leveraged to later move on, either to the buy side, corporate finance or consulting. Many previous investment bankers have joined completely different verticals, while some others have started their own ventures, as they have developed a strong knowledge of finance and how companies operate.
So the cards are set, if your passion is in numbers and making money out of money, irrespective of your academic background, with the prerequisite of strong math skills, business administration and researching skills, with excellent communication, then pick up our course in investment banking and venture out in the world of money.

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