What are the career prospects after pursuing a financial services course from IIM Lucknow?

capital markets certification course

If you're interested in pursuing a finance career, you might have heard about the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow. This prestigious institution offers a range of financial services courses that can provide you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the finance industry. 

Financial services are a broad term that includes a variety of industries. These industries include banking, insurance, investment, and other financial activities. Financial services are one of the largest sectors in India's economy. Hence, it is important to understand what this industry entails to decide if it is something you want to pursue after completing your course at IIM Lucknow.

The financial sector is often referred to as the heart of any economy. The expansion of financial services in India is directly related to the expansion of the Indian economy, which has also increased job opportunities for finance professionals. 

Financial services are one of the largest industries in revenue generated worldwide. With such large numbers, we can expect more jobs for people who want them! 

But what exactly are the career prospects after pursuing a financial services course from IIM Lucknow? 

Let's find out.

Networking Opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of studying at IIM Lucknow is the networking opportunities that come with it. The institution has a large alumni network, with graduates holding high positions in some of the top companies in the finance industry. By studying at IIM Lucknow, you'll have the chance to connect with these alumni, attend networking events, and gain valuable insights into the industry.

Networking is one of the most important aspects of any career path. It's how you get noticed by employers and how you can land your dream job. If you're looking for a finance or accounting career, networking is essential - especially if you want to get an internship or start your own business.

Investment Banking

Investment banking is a field that deals with raising capital for companies and governments. It also provides advice on mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and other corporate finance matters.


Consulting is another option available to students who want to pursue a career in the financial services industry after completing their education at IIM Lucknow. Consulting careers can be found in areas such as strategy consulting (which involves advising companies on how they should best manage their operations), audit and risk management consulting (which involves making recommendations regarding changes to businesses' internal controls), financial reporting/accounting services (advising on how to improve overall financial performance), regulatory affairs (helping businesses comply with new laws or regulations), etc.

Private Equity

Private equity is a form of equity financing used to finance the purchase of companies or other assets. Private equity firms are usually funded by large pools of capital from institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies. Private equity firms often specialize in one specific sector, such as consumer products or technology; however, some private equity funds invest across many industries.

Salary Expectations

The finance industry is known for offering high salaries to top talent, and graduates from IIM Lucknow can expect to earn a handsome salary after completing a financial services course. According to Ambitionbox, the Financial analyst's salary in India is 4.5 LPA. However, these figures can vary depending on the company, job title, and experience level.

Capital Markets

A financial services course from IIM Lucknow can open up various career options. IIM Lucknow can assist you in gaining the knowledge and skills required to succeed in finance thanks to its strong alumni network, demanding curriculum, and outstanding faculty. IIM Lucknow can help you prepare for a fulfilling career in finance, whether your interests are in asset management, consulting, private equity, investment banking, or any other combination. So, IIM Lucknow might be the best option for you if you want to pursue a career in finance.

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 Course Benefits For Learners:

  • Financial Services and Capital Markets course lets students connect with other students and business people.
  • The students will comprehend important ideas like investment banking, capital markets, risk, and fintech.
  • Students may acquire knowledge about financial services and capital markets through the finance management diploma program. 

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