What Are Some Good Questions to Ask an Investment Banker

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Investment banking is one of the most lucrative career options. People who are eying to pursue a career in this field are often very curious about the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of an investment banker. The job has been popular ever since the capital markets started flourishing; the high pay and perks attract a lot of young people who try hard to make a successful career in this domain.

Your journey gets a little easier if you have someone to lead the way, this is true in professional aspects as well. The big question that people have in mind before opting for the investment banking courses industry is ‘what is the best course of action to become an investment banker & how exactly to become an investment banker. Think about the job role & figure what are the best questions to ask an investment banker.

The best advice would come out from someone who is already living your dream of becoming an investment banker. The investment industry is very dynamic and is evolving with the hour there are a lot of grey areas that are not addressed in books and courses and require a more pragmatic approach to learn about the subject.

What to ask?

What questions to ask from an investment banker and what will be a good question varies greatly. It depends greatly on your motive behind starting the conversation and what you are looking to gain from it. You need to set your objective straight, whether you are looking to get a job or whether you are using the connection to build your network and make a connection.

The second important factor to consider before asking the question is what stage of career are you in? Are you a college student who wants to pursue higher education and then join the industry, are you a working professional who is looking to switch to this industry or do you just just want to upgrade your skills and land a job as an investment banker. While asking your question you should try to be as specific as possible and tailor it according to your requirements, any information that could be found online is probably not the best one to enquire about.

Here is a list of some interesting questions to ask an investment banker:

What type of investment banker are they?

When it comes to the important questions to ask an investment banker, it is one of the most important ones.

Here is the answer-

In the investment banking industry, bankers are categorized into two groups: product group and industry, some of the mainstream product groups include Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Mergers and Acquisition (M&A), Corporate restructuring, etc.

How to build and maintain long-term professional relationships with the clients?

Working as an investment banker requires more than just industry knowledge and financial know-how. Your soft skills are equally important as your hard skills and having good interpersonal skills are key to survive within this industry.

What would you do differently to reach your present level?

If you are a beginner who is looking to learn from other’s mistakes, this question will certainly help you in your endeavors. It will help you to build the perfect road map for your dream job and will also help to avoid some common mistakes made by people in this industry.

What will be the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Investment Banking Industry?

There are talks of Robot Advisors, how will this impact the growth and career prospects in the field?
AI has transformed various industries and has also helped automate many repetitive tasks that earlier required the human workforce. In the digital age, everything is run on data, AI-powered Machine Learning techniques have already adapted human intelligence in some regards. There are driverless cars being made with the help of this technology, it might have a severe impact on the investment industry as well.

Why was your motivation behind choosing a career in this field?

This question would be fruitful if you want to know the investment banker on a more personal note and you want to listen to his inspiration and his point of view of the investment banking industry. It can help you to develop a fresh perspective as to why you should join this industry.

What are some key skills that you look for in a candidate at your organization?

This question will help you understand the hard and soft skills needed to have a successful career in the industry. If you are interested in joining the particular organization it will be very informative and insightful to crack the interview.

The above are the most important questions to ask an investment banker. Make sure that you confirm all the required details with them once you get some time with them.

It’ll not only enhance your own knowledge but also prepare you for your potential future in this stream. 

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