What are Roles and Responsibilities of Scrum Master

Scrum Master

Who is Scrum Master

Scrum master is the moderator for an Agile Development team. These people have to look for a management task like information interchange between team members. Scrum masters manage that how people can exchange their information. Also, their responsibility includes promotion and supporting scrum. These are usually done by making people understand Scrum theory, rules, and values.

Scrum Master is the leader who makes people engaged or interactive so that this interaction results in maximized values. The scrum master takes care of the scrum tasks that needed to be done during a project. They hold processes that are going on in the organization, scrum framework, and scrum team. The project can get into failure if no scrum master is present to do promotion and support the process.

Scrum Master Responsibilities

The scrum master has many different roles in a process or a project. A scrum master ensures the goal, scope, and product information that is cleared to all the team members. They take care of product planning. They are knowledgeable about how to approach a project and meetings required for those. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Helping the team to achieve the desired goal in a specific time.
  • Helping the team for the agreement during the scrum meets.
  • Ensuring the team to agree upon the rules of the daily scrum.
  • Ensuring there is no distraction for the team during the project.
  • Removing the problems and obstructions faced by the team.
  • Developing a good environment so that team can be constructive.
  • Taking care of the relationship between team and product owner.

Challenges Faced By Scrum Master

A scrum master is a person that ensures that everything in the scrum process is followed by the team. It can be said that scrum master’s role is easiest but there are still a few challenges that are faced by the scrum masters that are stated below:

1. Resisting Change- It can be in different forms.
2. Misunderstanding process – There can be different confusions in the daily implementation tasks. Often, there can be confusion between old terms and methods.
3. Failure in an adaption of changing roles- Changes in the role can take place between team and department. You should be able to adapt to your role.

How To Become Scrum Master

The way to be a scrum master you need to get a certification. Scrum Alliance offers CSM that gives the person knowledge to get their teams more effective. The certification talks about the concepts of the Scrum framework and you will gain understanding about events and team roles. If you are certified you can expand your career in various industries. A scrum certification gives you in-depth knowledge about scrum.

There are very few requirements that are required for CSM. You should be aware of the scrum framework. There is a session that talks about an overview of how to support a team. CSM conducts exams and If you pass and accept their license then you would graduate with the two-year member in the Scrum Alliance. There are also other exams apart from CSM.

Certified Scrum Master earns between $70-100K yearly which is dependent upon in the industry. Having certifications makes a scrum master a more preferable candidate for the job.

In this article, I have discussed who are scrum masters, what are their roles and responsibilities in the organization, how they help their team during projects and processes. I have discussed the challenges and problems faced by the scrum master and in the last, I have explained a few certifications that a person willing to do to become a scrum master.

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