What Are Career Options in Operations Management Have Diverse Scope?

Operation management courses in India

No matter the size of the business in 2020, almost every organization needs a dedicated operations management team, who can not only effectively manage their operations but also make sure that regular advancements are made within the organization.

When you come to think of it, operations management as a profession is both an art and science. It is the art of managing people effectively with the help of science, and that is why this profession attracts people from different walks of life and trained in different skill sets.

Starting from procurement to management and from conversion to distribution, if an organization has an effective and well-trained operations management team in place, the organization can not only increase its profitability and productivity but also turn the wheels of the economy.

Operation Management course in IndiaRecently, the number of jobs available in the operations management industry has drastically increased, and experts predict that this trend will be a steady rise in the coming years as well.

Thus if you want to pursue a career in operation management, here are some of the many roles you can build skills for and apply.

Product Manager

One of the first and most sought-after roles in the operations management industry is that of a product manager. In simple terms, the job of a product manager can be explained as being a professional who has complete ownership of a product, right from the start, where it is sketched on a drawing board, all the way to its manufacturing and final distribution.

While the exact day to day tasks of a product manager may vary from organization to organization, some of the common responsibilities of a product manager are to survey and research the market to understand if it is a viable option, procuring the materials and the resources that will be needed to design and manufacture the product, creating a roadmap for the lifecycle of the product, and finally follow it up with manufacturing and distribution of the product.

Operations Manager

The second most sought-after designation next to product manager is that of operations manager. Similar to the role of the product manager, the exact day to day activities of the operations manager too changes from organization to organization, but it mainly revolves around the production, procurement, and delivery of services and products of the business.

In simple terms, the task or responsibility of an operations manager is to ensure that the efficiency of operations within the organization is optimized and constantly meets the standards set by the stakeholders.

Some of the most common responsibilities of an operations manager are as follows:

  1. Revenue Leakage Control
  2. Forecasting of Resources
  3. Processing of Invoices
  4. Mobilization
  5. Utilization Management, and many more.

Business Leadership Associate

A relatively new position in the industry, the designation of a business leadership associate is rapidly increasing in popularity. While these professionals can serve a variety of responsibilities within the organization, most of their tasks mainly revolve around commercial and operational performance, along with optimizing revenue growth and profitability of the organization.

Most of the daily tasks of a business leadership associate involve sit-downs with key stakeholders of the organization, which includes SMEs and business heads, to strategize, plan and forecast the future needs and wants of the organization, with the central aim of advancing the business on a daily basis and increasing its profitability.

Building budgets, conducting in-depth market research, keeping an outlook on competitors, and measuring efficiencies of the production line of the organization are some of the tasks they carry out on a regular.


The demand for professionals in the operations management industry is at an all-time high. While one of the main reasons behind this is the acceptance of people from various industries, another and more important reason is the diverse scope this industry provides into the future; so go ahead and enroll for an Operation Management Course today.

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