What a Decade of Success Looks Like in the Edtech Sector

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What a Decade of Success Looks Like in the Edtech Sector

Since its inception in 2012, Imarticus Learning has become a leading online professional educational facility focused on creating the workforce of the future with new-age programs in Data Science & Business intelligence, Advanced Analytics, AI, Investment Banking, Financial Technology, Finance, Advertising, and much more. Nikhil Barshikar, the founder, chairman, and managing director created Imarticus Learning in 2012 and has effectively directed candidates in the proper professional route.

Imarticus Learning's all-encompassing courses and programs have helped many successful people. Imarticus regards learning as an ongoing process. Their goal over the years has been to organize information and make learning accessible using contemporary technology to prepare our worldwide community of learners for a forthcoming, tech-driven society.

EdTech company

Imarticus Learning has a track record of achievement in offering high-quality learning from universities worldwide and developing challenging programs that are immersive, relevant, and progressive.

It has attempted to mix in-class study with practical experiences as an ed-tech startup by mainly focusing on hands-on and experiential knowledge. Imarticus Learning has indeed been devoted to offering creative and outcome-focused programs for more than a decade. 

In recent years, a growing number of start-ups have recognised the promise of ed-tech. Because of the Digital India program, the cultural relevance of learning through Indian society, and lower mobile internet pricing, the upward trend will continue.

Venture capital and private equity groups are also investing heavily in this industry, not just in K-12 (kindergarten through 12th grade), as well as online classes. Supplemental courses, exam preparation, online certification, and gamification all have enormous untapped potential.

An examination of China's present startup environment will reveal a few real winners, among them is the ed-tech industry. With the statewide lockdown in India, there is an unexpected increase in demand for ed-tech businesses, even as others struggle to find their way out. According to analysts, the e-commerce market and ed-tech are some industries that may survive this rough period.

10 Years of Imarticus in Ed-tech

Over the last decade, Imarticus Learning has partnered with industry titans such as KPMG, Capgemini, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and others. It can today claim 85% of student recruitment in the world's largest corporations. We have partnered with a total of 480 firms to date, and the list is growing with each passing year, thanks to cutting-edge tech and a strong staff of mentors.

After ten years of meeting the requirements of thousands of students, Imarticus Learning is looking to fund $40-50 million (303-379 crores).

As a consequence of virtual classrooms, electronic learning, digital teaching resources in classrooms, and the increasing use of cutting-edge technologies such as virtual worlds, machine intelligence, and augmented reality, learning delivery and techniques are developing. In various educational institutes, not only students and professors, but even businesses, are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of educational technology.

Our online training programs are created and delivered in collaboration with international organizations and industry experts.

Students who complete the program obtain an industry-endorsed certificate that will look excellent in any portfolio and amaze future and current employers.

Advantages of Becoming a Member of Imarticus Learning Family

You may do so as an Imarticus after you have finished your course by going into our LMS and accessing curriculum information and learning resources to refresh your recollection.

Furthermore, the private equity platform has provided a multitude of industry opportunities and references of both open and confidential networks, which has aided previous Imarticus students.


To summarise, Indian ed-tech has a very promising future ahead of it, which we at Imarticus are very enthusiastic about. If you wish to discuss and dispute the above topics, or if you are developing anything in this area and want to talk about it, please visit Imarticus' official page.

Smartphone usage and low data rates have changed the game for ed-techs. In India now, there are around 350 million smartphone users, a figure that is predicted to quadruple by 2022. With these figures, it is clear that mobiles and digital gadgets will be the universities of the future.

The delivery and methods of learning are evolving as a result of online classes, virtual classrooms, digital learning materials in classrooms, and the rising usage of cutting-edge technology such as virtual worlds, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. Not only students and teachers, but also businesspeople, are becoming more aware of the possibilities of educational technology in several educational institutes.

Online courses provide the general public with a flexible and cost-effective approach to learning new skills. Education advances are allowing people to quickly access education, move beyond traditional academic education, and obtain a deeper grasp of a subject via videos, online study material, and educational applications with a range of learning aids.

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