Want to pursue a postgraduate diploma after graduation? Choose from Fintech, AI and Data Science

The students often fall into a dilemma of what to do after graduation. Some aspire to pursue working in their respective fields, while others aim to pursue a postgraduate diploma after graduation. According to Statista, more than 92% of companies are inclined to hire executives with an MBA

There are various ways you can excel in your career after you finish graduation. Taking up a postgraduate diploma after graduation is one of the best ways to utilise your capabilities in your career. This profession opens several windows to improve your career substantially during the coming years.

Here we have listed out some data on how to become a Fintech and Data Science professional with a mere postgraduate diploma course of two years. 

What are Fintech, AI, and Data Science? 


Fintech is a new emerging technology that is giving the world of business a new shape. Fintech merely stands for Financial Technology, but it does not only confer to the limitations of financial institutions. It is a new technology that helps in automating financial services by making several improvements in the field of business. It is an emerging special technology that will improve your business conditions and make it substantially easy to sustain. In simple words, Fintech helps in enhancing the delivery and usage of any financial service. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI programme or Artificial Intelligence software program is an emerging technology that has mastered mimicking human behaviour with the help of learning data patterns and insights. It is a next-generation technology that will help in making lives easier by working through iterative processings of combining large amounts of data and intelligent algorithms. One of the finest features of AI includes machine learning, speech and voice recognition and virtual assistants. 

Data Science

Data Science on the other hand is a combination of maths statistics and different kinds of specialised programming with the help of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. These techniques confer the specific subject matter expertise that further help in uncovering the actionable insights hidden in the data of the organisation. These insights are later vital in guiding decision-making and strategic planning. 

Skills Required To Do a Postgraduate Diploma in Fintech, AI or Data Science

Fintech, AI, and Data Science is a new emerging course that will elevate the scope of success in your career. There are several skills you require to do a course on Fintech, AI and Data Science. They are: 

  • Must possess a Graduate/Postgraduate degree in the finance discipline. 
  • Have proper communication skills. 
  • Must be well-versed in coding languages. 
  • To know how to step up during any kind of leadership role and responsibilities. 
  • To know how to work efficiently within a team and always raise questions when there are doubts. 

Job Opportunities After Doing a Postgraduate Course on Fintech AI or Data Science

Fintech, AI and Data Science - are the three emerging technologies in modern times that have changed the shape of the world. The postgraduate courses on these three subjects have opened a window of opportunity for youngsters to shape their skillset and have a great career opportunity. Here we have jotted down some job opportunities that will shape one's career after doing a postgraduate diploma course on Fintech, AI, or Data Science. 

Financial Data Scientist 

Financial Data Scientists widely differ from normal Data Scientists. Since the financial sector can detect market trends at large, this has helped in adjusting data science to break into the silo culture. This has created a huge scope in the financial sector to have an upper hand over other sectors. Hence the job role of financial data scientists goes beyond any traditional functionality. They help in fraud detection, consumer analytics, mitigating risk management and also in pricing automation and algorithm training. The average salary of a Financial Data Scientist is $188,913 per year. 

Data Analyst

Careers in Data Science have generated quite a buzz in the industry. Aspirants are inclined towards getting a degree in Data Science that can help them excel in their careers. The job role of the Data Analyst is to have a keen knowledge of programming languages like R programming, SQL, Python, Java and C++. One should also have the capability to use platforms for Data Analytics like Hadoop, Apache and Spark. Top Data Scientists begin their careers as Data Analysts in the beginning and work in various teams of marketing, sales and customer support. The average Data Analyst salary is $64,679 per year. 

Business Intelligence Developer 

A Business Intelligence Developer plays a pivotal role in processing complex internal and external data to identify any kind of AI trends. An Intelligence Developer is merely responsible for modelling, designing and maintaining complex data in a cloud-based platform. The average salary of a Business Intelligence Developer is $83,448 a year. 


There can be several challenges to being well-versed in Fintech, AI and Data Science. It is an emerging discipline that has been changing substantially from time to time. It is pivotal to know about business trends, and data analytics and also have a keen knowledge of financial trends. 

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