Varsha Jain - Getting Her Foot Right At The Door Of The Finance And Investment Banking


For Varsha Jain, getting her foot right at the door of the finance and investment banking has never been that easy. However, her determination and dedication and constant support of the Imarticus Learning Investment Banking Training have worked as a primary catalyst for her career flight. She is now well settled with the best industry job in investment banking with Barclays.

Well, it is Varsha who can better throw lights on her journey to a successful career at Barclays and help us get extensive knowledge about this fast-paced and challenging work profile.

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I am Varsha Jain. I am complacent about what I am doing now. I did my graduation from Shrivenkateshwara College in business management. From early childhood, the intriguing traits of money being borrowed, loaned and invested had always enticed me. I always found it interesting and exciting. That apart, high salary and growth on a global scale were key reasons to go for it. However, my parents were not convinced enough and they did not allow me to choose this career option. I was told it is a tough nut to crack and it is the best fit for men only. Hence, I should not waste my time after it.

On the other way around, I became more concerned about my career post-graduation. Things were not flexible enough for freshers like me and I was sort of depressed. Amidst this, my friend suggested me to check with Investment Banking Training with Imarticus Learning. I was so much in a hurry that I jumped in to check reviews on Imarticus in no minutes. The positive reviews on their learning platform boosted my confidence and helped me make a firm decision about my career. I was more determined to make my career in finance and investment banking.

Imarticus Investment Banking Course was a source of inspiration for me 

Post-graduation, the training program in investment banking was something I wanted to complete with dedication and nothing else mattered more. Getting to know I could nail each framework of this diverse financial structure of Imarticus investment course has instilled a sense of confidence and zeal to tread every challenge coming my way.

Impeccable Investment Banking Course focusing on extensive banking parameters 

Seeing is believing. That was what worked for me. Imarticus learning Reviews were positive feedback from the professionals. I myself visited their office at Delhi and got in touch with many professionals who landed some high profile investment jobs through their placement assistance. That was enough to instill energy and enthusiasm in me. As soon as I contacted them, I got to know about their course structures. Their custom banking and investment course is known as Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional or CIBOP are internationally accredited. It covers extensive banking operation details to highlight the laws and activities at a deeper level.

Customized Course To Suit Your Schedules 

Imarticus banking training offers flexible schedules to suit even professionals. For freshers, they offer the same flexibility as well. It was a 180-hour investment banking program, and I was able to learn different ethics of complex financial products, operational risks and laws and also trade lifecycle.

The CIBOP program is fully designed to equip each student with the required skills and know-how to be job-ready in investment banking industries.  Their real-time interviews are good enough to give you practical hands-on experiences about the industry too. They landed me through several mock-up interviews and helped me develop my interpersonal skills.

Upon completion of the course, I was handed a global certificate that gave me recognition as an industry professional in investment banking. And finally, the day came when I landed an investment banking job at Barclays through their placement platform.

Every penny matters and their impeccable investment banking course has an affordable fee structure to suit everyone.

I would recommend everyone to check with reviews on Imarticus once before they switch to other learning platforms. Connect with them today for more prospects in your investment banking career.

For more details in brief and for further career counseling, you can also visit - Imarticus Learning and can drop your query by filling up a simple form through the site or can contact us through the Live Chat Support system or can even visit one of our training centers based in - Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.


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