Understanding Trumponomics

In politics as with the stock market, it would be wise to heed the advice:

It ain't over until it's over, and expect the unexpected.

Markets globally initially tumbled following the shock victory of maverick Donald Trump in the U.S. election results last month, but rallied strongly by the following morning, finishing at a near all-time high. And since then, Wall Street seems to have welcomed a Trump presidency, as the markets continue to climb in North America.
Now that the bitter race to the White House, and all the uglies and nasties are over, what do we really know about where Trump stands on several key issues affecting the US and global economy? This handy chart plots Trump's stated positions on fourteen key issues.

Forbes Magazine - Capital Markets

Source: Fortune Magazine

As you can see he may be a Republican, but many of his policies are progressive, almost Democratic.
Many investors, including those who for at least a few hours during election night had grave concerns and dire warnings about a Trump victory, have, for the most part, done a U-turn in the following weeks, and now see a future administration that is pro-business and market friendly.
More Trumponomics in future posts! Stay tuned.
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