UAE - Why You Must Get Your Team to Enrol for an IIM Certification Course

corporate training

Several studies show that opportunity to upskill is a sure way for companies to boost their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The promise of a chance to learn from the best of the best via IIM certification courses further adds value.

Corporate Training

Offering deserving employees a means to upskill with quality training is an effective retention strategy. This blog talks about the benefits of workforces pursuing IIM online courses.

Six Advantages of IIM Certification Courses

Here is a look at how IIM certification courses can add value to workforces around the world:

World-class pedagogy

The IIMs have built a name for innovation and able pedagogy over several years. There has been a rise in several private education players. But, IIMs have maintained their standards. Today, the IIMs offer several useful online programmes. These enable working professionals to upskill and stay relevant in their fields.

A contemporary curriculum

The challenges and modern workplaces are constantly evolving. Technology has sped up the pace at which change is affecting the workplace. IIM programmes match the constant changes in the curriculum. New subjects are introduced to professionals to build new skills and knowledge.

Thrust on leadership

The IIMs have produced several industry leaders. Several thought leaders have emerged across every sector. Some have gone on to build world-class companies. Thus programmes from the IIM come with a strong focus on honing leadership skills. These include critical thinking, communication, and empathy. Skilling the workforce through such programmes is an investment. It helps in building a future pipeline of company leaders.

Blended learning

Traditional MBA programmes teach through lecture-style classroom learning. The online executive programmes are delivered through live instructor-led sessions, hands-on training, collaborative learning, and on-demand learning resources. Access to these options enables remote, hybrid and on-site employees to learn at their own pace. They also have the option of learning faster.

High-quality on-demand resources 

Learners today get training in many ways. Executive programmes have changed their learning methods per the new trend. Learners can get new concepts through on-demand resources such as videos, audio representations, conversations, and multiple-choice questions.

They can learn by using their listening, speaking, watching, and writing abilities. Access to top resources helps in self-learning. It is a handy skill in the modern workforce.

Diverse programmes

Modern workforces need skill sets that help to bring success. The IIMs offer a wide range of specialisations. These enable companies to upskill their workforces per market needs. From finance and HR to leadership and change management, the IIMs executive programmes have them covered.

In Conclusion

Investing in high-quality online upskilling can be a game-changer for corporations looking to stay relevant in these times of accelerated change. By investing in online IIM certification courses, companies can empower employees from any location to become excited about upskilling and expanding their knowledge base. Building a culture of upskilling can trigger growth, leadership, and long-term retention of employees of the present and future generations.

If your company aims to introduce highly effective, relevant IIM certification courses, connect with us at Imarticus to start a conversation. Our interventions come with great attention to deal and the ability to customise courses based on real-time training needs.

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