UAE - How IIM's Online Programs are Leading the Future of Education

Online education and courses have risen in the last few years. The edtech industry has seen huge growth. It is due to an increase in the number of internet users. Wide smartphone penetration is another factor to favour the edtech industry. A rise in interest in online learning methods has also helped the industry.

Per a report by Blume Venture, the global edtech industry will reach $300 billion by 2029. At present, it stands at $101 billion. The massive growth potential has attracted several new and established players in the online education industry.

The learners should depend on trusted names. They ensure a quality learning experience. The online courses from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) are leading the future of education.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has declared IIMs as institutions of national importance. They are the most famous names in the management education sector in India.

What are IIM Certification Courses?

IIM Certification Courses are specialised programs. They focus on various aspects of the business. They help a learner get better in the area of business administration. IIMs have joined hands with edtech specialists like Imarticus Learning. Together they aim to offer several courses to online learners.

These courses help the workforce in many ways. They help them in staying in touch with the changing needs. They also help in the efficient management of a business. These programs cover marketing, finance, analytics and life skills. These courses can be helpful for entry, mid-level and senior management of a business.

Why opt for IIM Certification Courses?

Corporate Training

IIM offers high-quality education. It has a strict admission process. It has built a brand in the management education space. The Institute has developed several specialised IIM Certificate Courses in online education.

These courses help professionals to invest in upskilling. They assist firms in building high-quality learning experiences for the team. Here are some reasons for choosing IIM Certification courses:

Better employer reputation

When a firm partners with IIM Online Programs, it extends the IIM brand value to its learning and development program. The addition of IIM courses improves the employer's reputation among current and future employees.

High-quality learning experience

The IIM Certificate Courses are designed well. They provide a high-quality learning experience to the employees. Choosing IIM online programs helps a firm to provide better learning to its employees.

Better results

The firm achieves better results with more employees completing the IIM Certification Courses. The chances to upskill help a firm stay updated with the latest business management solutions.

Corporate Training Programs with IIM Certificate Courses and Imarticus Learning

The firms can opt for corporate training programs from Imarticus Learning. These programs can include the IIM Certificate Courses for the workforce. Imarticus Learning has partnered with several leading IIMs. It offers courses on managing a business.

IIM Certification Courses cover marketing and finance. Analytics and life skills also form a part of these courses. They can provide various organisational programs. These programs can be used to improve productivity. They help in better results for a business.

Imarticus Learning can come up as an end-to-end transformation partner. It helps in building an effective learning management system. Over 200 firms trust Imarticus Learning. Its training programs are per the needs of the employee and firm.

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