Types of Investment Banking Jobs in India!

Investment Banking Course with placement in India

With a growing number of MNCs and financial institutions looking towards India to establish middle-level offices and even geographically beneficial fully functional head offices, this rapid change is opening up more career options and opportunities for Indian investment bankers who have just finished investment banker courses or are experienced personnel coming with finance and banking backgrounds.

This is leading to new and better prospects for students who have pursued investment banking courses in India. Investment banking jobs are highly respected job roles, and the field is greatly appreciated and looked up to in an economic powerhouse such as India.

If you want to go for Investment banking courses online, then you should also look into the certificate in investment banking course details.

Investment Banking Course with placement in IndiaInvestment Banking Analysts and Associates

Investment Analysts are tasked with creating presentations, analytics, collecting the company’s historic data, valuation of assets, credit analysis, and creation of financial statement models. Investment banking analysts are at the beginning of their careers which also translates to them handling most of the work.

Investment banking courses with placement or investment banking courses online are a great way to get introduced to investment banking and get hired in top corporations. Banking courses after graduation are highly recommended to join one of the top companies as an investment banking analyst or associate.

Investment Bankers and Managers

Investment bankers handle important deals and maintain relationships with clients; they are tasked with corporate executive management as well as handling portfolios. They help in making important decisions during economical changes or market shifts. Investment bankers predict the requirement of raising capital for companies or leveraged buyout and assist during mergers and acquisitions as well.

They provide analytical, financial, and legal assistance during deals and also act as mediums in many of these cases. Investment banking courses in India can help take up the different aspects of these jobs. Banking courses after graduation are great for a future as an investment banker.

Here are a few specialized fields for investment bankers:

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions

In this field, investment bankers are required to give advice on the buying and merging of different companies and to give assistance during these deals. A good hold of financial modeling training is recommended for this area of specialization.

  1. Underwriting

During underwriting, investment bankers are tasked with assisting the government or a corporation to raise capital. These kinds of investment bankers specialize in equity or debt.

  1. Venture Capital

The jobs in this department involve investing in start-ups, new projects, ideas or concepts, and growing businesses. This requires predictive and analytical forecasting skills.

  1. Private Equity

Jobs in Private Equity firms involve researching, analyzing, and investing in pre-established organizations and projects.


The general investment banking course duration applicable for most banking courses after graduation does not extend for too long and instead helps in the long run during the career path of individuals in the finance sector or people from other sectors as well.

Investment banking course fees are quite nominal and the ROI or return-on-investment on these Investment banking courses with placement is quite high. Investment banking course fees are worth the expense and investment banker courses online make these courses easy to access. It is recommended to research the preferred certificate in investment banking, course details, and the investment banking course duration to properly plan out your career choices.

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