Trends That Will Shape The Future of Data Analytics

The human race since the beginning of time has been fascinated with all phenomena that seem magical. It all began with the discovery of fire and today we humans have made such progress, which could not have been imagined of in the past centuries. Our obsession with robots and machines working for us, follow our every command and scaling new heights of innovation is no longer just restricted to movies. Today with the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the emergence of data science, the future is full of boundless possibilities.
Many are mistaken to think that data science as a field is fairly new. That is not so really, as its origin can be traced back to more than a few decades ago in time. While the research in this field was definitely at its peak, but there was no possible outlet for putting any of it to practical use which was why it took such a long time to make its debut on the technology scene. But all of this changed drastically when circumstances became quite conducive to their growth and development. With huge data sets emerging, people were able to actually work with them. This led to the development of powerful machine learning algorithms as well as computers which could both analyse and operate on these datasets.
Here are a few trends that are all set to change how we will be looking at data analytics in the future.

Internet of Things

Internet of things is simply all the things that are related to the internet today. They refer to all those appliances which work within wireless networks. The market of this field is all set to grow up to $561.04 billion by the year 2022. This would mainly be because of the emergence of advanced analytics and various other data processing techniques which will change the future of data science.


Today’s markets are gradually moving away from mass-produced trite goods, to knowing their customer thoroughly in order to find out a way to offer them services. The simple logic put to use here is that the better you know about your customer, the better are your chances of selling your product successfully. So many new websites have emerged which define the whole concept of ‘hyper-personalization’. These websites range from Google, Amazon and so on.

Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is one field which is believed to be a major future show runner in the field of data analytics in the future. For all of those who have to seem movies like Her, they would be definitely excited about how amazing the work of artificial intelligence will become soon enough. There is something called as augmented intelligence which is usually used in the more assistive role of AI. This progress would help enhance human intelligence and not focus on the whole replacement idea of the same.
Keeping in mind these current trends, many candidates have begun to approach institutes like Imarticus Learning which offer comprehensive professional training courses in the field of data analytics.

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