Top tips on how to apply data analytics in your project

Data science and analytics are two extremely useful tools that can give accuracy to your project and help automate repetitive tasks. With the demand and scope of data analytics growing with each passing day, companies are trying to integrate everything and get as much information on it as they can.

Data science techniques and analysis are quite helpful because they can be used to enhance the decision-making capacity of your manager, predict future revenues, understand market segments, and produce better content. In the healthcare sector, this technology can be used to diagnose patients correctly.

But how do you integrate data analytics into your professional projects? For that, a sound knowledge of the same is required. Even if you learn the basics of data analytics, it will give a major boost to your career. The entire world is moving towards digitization, and so data analytics is required to gather, analyse, and make sense of the data in front of you.

In order to become an expert in data analytics, and incorporate it seamlessly into your project, you need to have a data analytics training.There are many data analytics courses that you can take for a better understanding of data science and analysis. Here is a list of some of the best data analytics courses available online.

  • Introduction to Data Science

This data analytics training course requires a basic understanding of R programming language and provides an in-depth insight into the necessary tools and concepts used in the data science industry. They also work with powerful techniques for analyzing data and use real-world examples to help you gain clarity over the concepts.

  • Applied Data Science with Python

It is being offered by the University of Michigan. It aims to introduce learners to the specialized version of data science through Python. It is for learners with an understanding of Python, and want to expand their knowledge by incorporating the essentials of statistical,machine learning, information visualization, text analysis, and social network analysis techniques into their projects.

  • The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

This data analytics training is aimed at people with no background of Python, but are interested in learning basic as well as advanced skills of Python and data analysis. It is for people with no previous or little programming experience.

It does not rely on a lot of theoretical teaching but focuses instead on giving problems to the students that they can solve by doing. This course uses video, quizzes, real-world examples to familiarize learners with Python in the beginning and then enhance their skills later.

  • Social Media Data Analytics

This is one of the best data analytics courses available online that especially caters to social media. It is for people who want to use their data analysis skills to get the best out of social media.This course involves giving assignments and mini-projects, which would require you to use your data analytics skills to leverage your social media presence.

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