Top Investment Banking Certification Programmes in 2023

Investment Banking Training

The investment banking industry is a specialised branch of banking that enables people or organisations to raise funds and offers them financial consulting services. 

An investment banking certification course will assist you in advancing your knowledge, whether you are a seasoned financial professional, a recent graduate, or someone just interested in a career in investment banking

This article will discuss some of the best investment banking courses available. 

What is investment banking?

The investment banking sector coordinates enormous, intricate financial transactions like mergers or the underwriting of initial public offerings (IPOs). 

Investment Banking analyst

Along with underwriting the issuing of new securities for any business, municipality, or other organisation, these banks may raise money for businesses in several other ways. They could supervise an IPO for a business. Additionally, investment banks offer advice during mergers, purchases, and reorganisations.

Investment Bankers are professionals who use their immense analytical prowess, industry expertise and knowledge of market conditions to provide financial advice to clients. They assist their clients in negotiating the highly complex finance industry.

Who is an Investment Banker?

An individual who works for a financial institution, primarily focused on generating cash for governments, businesses, or other entities is an Investment Banker.

The increasing inclination among finance and MBA graduates towards a career in investment banking is mainly due to its high-paying nature and the respect the job role garners. Excellent mathematical abilities, efficient written and spoken communication talents, and the ability to work long, gruelling hours are necessary for Investment Bankers.

By detecting any possible risks before a company moves forward, an Investment Banker can help a client save time and money. In theory, the Investment Banker is an expert in his profession who keeps a finger on the pulse of the current investment environment.

Companies and non-profit organisations frequently consult Investment Bankers for advice on the best ways to finance their expansion. These professionals specialise in investments and help with regulatory compliance and pricing financial products. 

Top investment banking courses 

Below are some of the best investment banking courses you can enrol in 2023.

  • Bocconi University's Venture Capital and Private Equity Course

This 5-week course addresses four distinct topics:

  • Introduction to venture capital and private equity
  • Management of venture capital and private equity funds
  • Legal and tax issues in private equity
  • Business valuation and deal-making

This online course is recognised all around the globe and will help you make an impact. The course has been designed to build on the knowledge acquired in the modules before it. The course ends with a test, passing which earns you a certificate. 

  • PG Programme In Investment Banking And Financial Modeling by DataTrained 

One of the most advanced programmes on investment banking, created to meet the sector's needs, is DataTrained's Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Investment Banking in Collaboration with London Governance & Compliance Academy (LGCA).

The students receive access to this six-month certification programme's online live and recorded classes, which total more than 100 hours of recorded lectures and more than 50 hours of live instruction. It practices real-life case studies taught by industry experts, which helps the students gain real-life experience. 

  • Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional Programme by Imarticus

The students who have just started with less than three years of experience are the ideal candidates for this fast-track Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional programme offered by Imarticus Learning in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange.

Imarticus provides the option of both in-person and online professors for this course. They also offer live classes and over 180 hours of pre-recorded course lectures. A student who finishes this programme will be best suited to start a career in investment banking, treasury, operations, and clearing services.

  • Certificate in Investment Banking (CIIB) Certification by AIWMI

This course, offered by AIWMI, demands a thorough global certification exam evaluating a student's knowledge of investment banking techniques.

The course emphasises financial statement analysis, fundamentals of investment banking, and many other important financial ideas. Professionals in finance who want to advance their careers should enrol in this programme.

  • Post Graduate Programme in Investment Banking and Capital Markets by NSE India

This course is a distinctive programme designed to provide learners with practical training with proper preparation for CFA Level 1. Offered by NSE India, it is well-recognised by colleges nationwide. NSE India gives live virtual classes in addition to traditional offline classes. 


One of the world's most complex systems of finance is investment banking. An investment banking professional must be able to work well under pressure and overcome challenging situations while delivering comprehensive strategic financial advice and risk management expertise. Getting into this highly-valued career is as challenging as sustaining it once you are an Investment Banker.

If you are looking forward to building a career in investment banking, check out Imarticus’s Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course. 

This investment banking certification course is for students just starting their finance careers. The course delivered by industry experts will teach the basics of financial markets, risk management, the trade life cycle, legislation, and how to land jobs with leading companies.

Enrol with Imarticus to learn more!

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