Top Features of Amazon Sagemaker AI Service


Amazon Sagemaker is the latest service that has changed the programming world and provided numerous benefits to machine learning and AI. Here’s how:

The Amazon Sagemaker or the AWS as its popularly known as has many benefits to organisations. It can scale large amounts of data in a short span of time, thereby reducing the overall cost of data maintenance.  Amazon Sagemaker provides data scientists with the right data to make independent strategic decisions without human intervention. It helps to prepare and label data, pick up an algorithm, train an algorithm and optimise it for deployment. All this is achieved at a significantly low cost.

The tool was designed to ensure that companies have minimum issues while scaling up when it comes to machine learning.  The most common programming language used for AI programs Python and also Jupyter Notebook is in-built into the Amazon Sagemaker.

You can start by hosting all your data on Amazon Sagemaker’s Jupyter Notebook and then allow it to process that information, post which the machine will begin the learning process.

One of the best features of Amazon Sagemaker is the ability to deploy a model which can be a tricky business. Apart from this, we have listed down the top features of Amazon Sagemaker below.

Build the Algorithm

The Sagemaker allows organisations to build accurate and relevant data sets in less time by using algorithms that support artificial intelligence and machine learning courses.  It becomes extremely easy to train machines using this service as they are given easy access to relevant data sources in order to arrive at correct decisions. It has the ability to automatically configure frameworks such as  Apache, SparkML, TensorFlow and more thereby making it easier to scale up.

Testing can be done locally

When there are broad open source frameworks such as Tensorflow and Apache MXNet, it becomes easy to download the right environment and locally test the prototype of what you have built. This reduces cost significantly and does not remove the machine from the environment it is supposed to function in.


Training on Amazon Sage Maker is easy as the instructions for the same are specific and clear. Amazon SageMaker provides end to end solution to the training that is there is a setup of computer distributed cluster, and then the training occurs and when results are generated the cluster is torn down.


Amazon Sagemaker has the feature of deploying on one click once the model production is complete and the testing is done.  It also has the capacity to do A/B testing to help you test the best version of the model, before deploying it. This ensures that you have the best results for the program itself.  This will have a direct impact on reduced cost due to continuous testing and monitoring.


Amazon Sagemaker service provides many benefits to companies who are heavily invested in deep learning and AI. These enable data scientists to extract useful data and provide business insights to organisations.

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