Top 6 careers in financial services and capital markets

advanced management program in capital markets

Top 6 careers in financial services and capital markets

Financial services and capital markets are considered to be one of the most lucrative domains out there. Most of the job roles in the domain of finance offer great career prospects and growth. Because of the financial accounting work and the transaction of huge amounts of money in the capital market, there are a lot of career opportunities available with high earnings. If you really want to grow in the world of finance, then you must consider doing a financial risk management course.

Top Six Career Options in Finance Services

  1. Investment Banker - An investment banker raises capital for organizations and companies. Investment bankers also facilitate deals such as mergers and acquisitions for companies. Investment bankers also handle the portfolio of large investors and assist them in investing in start-ups as well.
  2. Financial Analyst - Financial analysts specialize in markets, accounting and economics, and compliance. They advise companies to make strategic decisions and invest, based on financial models, analysis, and revenue estimations. 
  3. Venture Capital Analyst – Here, the responsibility is networking, following the new market trends, and meeting potential targets. You will help provide start-ups and small firms with new business expansion plans but do not have access to the stock market. 
  4. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - A CFO is tasked with conducting a company's financial activities. He/she plays an important role in the overall success of a company by influencing the company's strategy.
  5. Stock Broking - There is no doubt that stockbroking is a lucrative profession. You can also do a job as a stockbroker or even open your own broking house.
  6. Risk Analyst - The risk analyst’s liability is to minimize losses and mitigate the uncertainty of the company. He/she identifies and analyses potential threats to a company’s assets, and predicts changes, future trends, and costs for the company.

Top 6 Careers in Financial Services and Capital Markets


  • Credit Analyst - The responsibility of a credit analyst is to review financial information to finalize the process of loan decisions. Credit analysts may take part in audits of companies and individual clientele.


  1. Fund Manager - A fund manager’s main job role is to buy and sell shares in an establishment's portfolio. This may include reviewing a company's portfolio so that he/she is buying and selling the right stock options. Fund managers also administer the mutual funds and pensions of the company.

  2. Business Development Manager (BDM) - The BDM conducts research in markets and creates strategies for enhancement. He/she helps the company to grow with new ideas, processes, and plans.

  3. Actuary - The actuary mainly works in the insurance industry. He analyses the prospective risks for a business and develops insurance policies with all options and prices. The benefits for the company are estimated in the pricing of the insurance products.

  4. Senior manager - A senior manager is the mastermind of the initial public offering (IPO process). He/she raises funds for business and updates shares and bonds on the stock exchange boards so that investors can bid and be active in trading.  Opportunities are there in banks or finance companies for a senior manager.

  5. Underwriter - An underwriter is responsible for analyzing and finalizing applications for mortgages, loans, securities, and insurance policies. The financial risk of a company depends on the underwriter.


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