Top 25 Agile Interview Questions

Agile Interview Questions

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The Agile Methodology

At the very core of agile methodology lies the flexibility to respond to a change and build something new. It is a response to turbulent and uncertain scenarios that leads to a successful outcome. The ability to adapt and respond is the defining characteristics of the agile methodology.
The agile methodology in project management is a process that helps to manage and complete a project by breaking it into multiple stages. This involves frequent collaborations with various stakeholders and implementing changes in every stage of the project cycle.
Before the commencement of a project, the client’s need and requirements are properly assessed by the team and the objective is defined based on the client’s perception of customer expectations. Evaluating the project work continuously in every stage and making changes as per the new requirements is crucial for a satisfactory output.

Agile Software Development

The agile software development comprises of multiple frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, Feature Driven Development and Extreme Programming. It’s an umbrella term that entails general frameworks and practices for software development.
The software development methods that have a common crucial element of continuous development based on the changing requirements are categorized under agile software development methods. Iterative development is the central ideology of this methodology.
The agile methodology has been a game-changer in the field of software development and project management. `The demand for IT professionals with an in-depth understanding of the concept and its frameworks is paramount and growing by the day.
Agile certification is an easy way to up-skill yourself with relevant knowledge and builds credibility. Demonstrating knowledge in job interviews can be difficult at times and being prepared for the mainstream questions will establish authority in the domain.

Important Agile Interview Questions

Let’s look at some of the most important and frequently asked interview questions for agile developers.

1. What is the normal duration for a scrum sprint?
2. Explain the important benefits of using Pair programming technique.
3. Explain the concept of impediments in scrums with relevant examples.
4. How is scrum different from agile and what are the similarities?
5. How is incremental development different from iterative development?
6. What do you understand by dynamic code analysis?
7. What do you understand about the Scrum poker technique? Is it different from planning poker?
8. Briefly explain the agile manifesto and its underlying principles.
9. Briefly explain the role of Sashimi in Scrum methodology.
10. Mention a few drawbacks of using the agile methodology.
11. Explain the use of burn-up and burn- down charts.
12. What do you know about the scrum master’s role?
13. What is the primary use of the binary interface?
14. Can you explain the concept of spring retrospective meeting?
15. What are the key responsibilities of a Scrum Master?
16. Mention the key differences between Tasks, User stories and Epic.
17. How do the daily standup meetings add value?
18. How will you handle frequently changing requirements in project development?
19. What are some key principles of agile testing?
20. When is it beneficial to use the agile methodology?
21. Mention some of the most crucial agile Matrices.
22. What is the key difference between agile testing methodology and other testing methodologies?
23. Explain the challenges involved in developing agile software from scratch.
24. How do you measure the velocity of the sprint?
25. What do the X and Y-axis of the burn-down charts depict?

These are some of the most important interview questions that should be prepared for by the applicants. It covers a wide range of topics that are related to the agile methodology to help you prepare for all aspects of agile development.

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