Things to consider when looking for the best financial technology course

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Things to consider when looking for the best financial technology course

Financial Technology (Fintech) is all about the working of new technology resulting in enhancement and automation of delivery and use of financial services. In today's world, technology is integrated into our day-to-day lives. Financial service companies now use this to provide their services to customers.

People these days are looking to build a career in finance especially since it has become so lucrative in the current world scenario. It is an excellent career path for tech-savvy developers who want to work in a highly collaborative and innovative environment. The different kinds of job roles in fintech include- Product Manager, Data Scientist, Full-Stack Developer, Cloud Management, etc. 

The basic skills required to take up a course in finance are-

  • A background in Finance
  • Innovations and problem-solving skills
  • Basic marketing idea
  • Experience in Python, C++, Java Script
  • Adaptability, flexibility, and communication skills

Important Factors for choosing the best financial technology course-

Suiting your goals-

Fintech being a broad area can be very confusing. An individual needs to research various segments of fintech and what it demands before choosing a course on it. One should know if they are cut out for it and if the stream aligns with your interests. This can help you choose your desired program accordingly.

Practical Experience- For one’s learning to turn into a practice, the chosen course should train as per industry standards. In Fintech, where experience is very important, active learning cannot be stressed enough. Recruiters prefer candidates to work efficiently from the start and only all-around training can ensure that. 

Time Duration- The length of the course is an important determiner of whether one should choose it or not. Depending on one’s need and experience one can select the program. It can be a short-term course that ranges from 6-12 months or a full-fledged course that would take 2-5 years to finish. The former is an apt choice if someone already has a background in finance and the latter is the best choice for freshers. 

Brand Name- Some people do these kinds of courses to add value to their resumes. In such cases, pursuing it from a renowned institution with the required expertise can be helpful. Signing up for fintech courses that do not have proper accreditations is not of much use. Only a certificate course from a highly reputed institute will attract the attention of recruiters. 

Placement Rate- Another major factor to consider before enrolling yourself in an institute is checking their placement rates. One should always ask for placement data, the success rates of students, and the list of organizations hiring from that institute before opting for that course. If any of it is missing then it could be a red flag. 

Cost Structure- This is the most important factor when opting for a professional course. The cost of the program should be such that it always provides a good rate of return for the candidate. One should carefully compare the courses, fee structure, scope, placement rate, and salaries. At times, high-priced programs do not guarantee the best learning pedagogy or decent employment. One should be on the lookout for a course that fulfills all the needs. 

Best Financial Technology Program-

There are a plethora of professional courses available for one to choose from. If someone wants to work in this domain, they need to start preparing for it from the basic undergraduate level. One can go in for various programs that help them to hone their skills to excel in fintech. These kinds of courses create a foundation for a stable career in this field. People from all fields having basic knowledge of economics, finance, commerce, and management can try for these kinds of jobs. Taking the help of some of the best financial technology courses, one can get ahead in their career and prosper in this field. 

One of the best fintech courses in India is offered by Imarticus. Their Professional Certification In Fintech is an industry-partnered program under the S P Jain School of Global Management. This follows a unique fintech pedagogy with community access. This can be your dream course as it provides you with hands-on training in all the major aspects of fintech like API, Blockchain, Cloud computing, AI, Machine Learning, etc. They also provide you with knowledge of the recent industry trends analyzed by partner companies like PWC and Rise Mumbai along with an application-based examination structure. 


In today's fast-paced world which is changing instantly, industries in various emerging economies are trading at a massive scale by coming together on virtual platforms with the help of modern technologies. If you love challenges that come with a lucrative salary and amazing opportunities, look no further than fintech. In such a case, efficiency is a winner and fintech is your answer. 

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