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The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) offers the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) qualification in the United States. CMA-certified professionals can engage in corporate financial accounting and strategic management. The CMA certification covers distinct topics different from the CPA certification, as CPAs focus on professional tasks such as producing audit reports and filing tax returns. 

There are numerous global career opportunities after CMA which professionals can explore. However, passing the CMA exam itself is an arduous task requiring sincere hard work and dedication.

This article will briefly discuss the US CMA certification course, how to go about it and the benefits it offers.

What is the CMA USA training?

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in the United States offers an education and certification programme known as CMA USA training. The CMA certification is a globally accepted advanced accounting degree that has long served as the gold standard for management accountants and financial professionals. Financial planning, analysis, control, and decision support are among the topics covered by the certification. CMA-certified professionals can engage in corporate financial accounting and strategic management. 

The IMA was established in 1919 and at present has over 90,000 members from 140 countries represented by 300 professional and student branches. The CMA certification is a good alternative for individuals looking to develop their careers in accounting and finance while standing out from the crowd.

How to prepare for the US CMA?

Here are some pointers to help you prepare for the CMA exam better.

Enrol in a CMA exam prep course: Signing up for a CMA exam prep course is one of the most efficient means to prepare for the CMA USA exam. Many companies and institutes provide courses that can guide you to crack the exam successfully. Enrolling in these courses increases a candidate’s probability of passing the exam on the first go and helps study more efficiently.

Set a study plan: Create a study schedule that is feasible for you and allows you to manage your time efficiently. Commit more time to the challenging sections while also taking breaks to replenish your energy.

Taking online mock examinations: This is a wonderful approach to alleviate anxiety and familiarise yourself with the actual exam. Simulated tests can assist you in identifying your shortcomings and weaknesses so that you can work on them.

Be aware of the exam format: Get acquainted with the examination format, which consists of two sections: Part 1 focuses on financial reporting, planning, performance, and control; Part 2 focuses on financial decision-making. Each section comprises 100 multiple-choice questions as well as two essay questions. Being well-informed about what to expect on the exam will enable you to prepare better.

Stay motivated and disciplined: Preparing for the CMA USA exam requires hard work, determination, and diligence. Remind yourself of your goals and the rewards of obtaining the certification to stay motivated. Stick to your study plan and avoid distractions to maintain your discipline.

Benefits of CMA USA

The US CMA certification course is a rigorous programme aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and expertise needed to become Certified Management Accountants. The programme is intended to provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of management accounting, financial planning, performance, and analytics. The following are some advantages of CMA USA training:

Widens understanding of management accounting themes: One important advantage of becoming a CMA is that studying for the exam can broaden your knowledge of management accounting topics. Pursuing a CMA necessitates a solid understanding of both basic and complicated management processes.

Increases employment chances:  There are plenty of career opportunities after CMA. It helps help you explore better professional opportunities in the accounting and finance fields than your colleagues. The CMA certification is widely accepted and can lead to international work opportunities. As a result, the CMA certification is a great asset for anyone seeking an international career.

Higher pay: One of the most highlighted benefits of CMA USA certificate is higher salary opportunities for individuals. The CMA certification is highly valued in the accounting and financial industries. CMAs are held in higher esteem than non-CMAs resulting in almost 58% higher income.

Develops critical skill sets: Earning a CMA certification requires a strong understanding of basic complex management processes, as the two portions of the CMA exam cover a wide range of these topics. CMAs benefit from improving these important skill sets in a variety of ways which can help them tackle their professional duties later in life. 


The benefits of CMA USA, coupled with the excellent career opportunities after CMA, make it a highly coveted certification among finance and accounting individuals. If you are wondering where to start your CMA journey, look no further than Imarticus.

Imarticus’s Certified Management Accountant course is all you need to succeed in the CMA exam. The curriculum covers everything from basic accounting to CMA-specific topics giving students a well-rounded foundation in the field. The course offers unlimited access to top-notch study materials, question banks, learning videos, online classes, and expert mentoring from highly qualified faculty.

Hurry and visit the website for more course-related details!

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