The Role of Predictive AI in Fintech Solutions

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In the former times, when financial transactions were carried out in brick-and-mortar institutions, bankers had personal connections with the customers. They would help them with their decisions. Although the fact that digitisation has brought the world to our footsteps is a huge advantage, it has also caused a loss of this personal connection.

We are aware of the countless things that artificial intelligence can do. Artificial intelligence is known for its ability to process humongous amounts of data at a time. Businesses are embracing artificial intelligence to meet their goals, achieve growth, and make their services more relevant to the customers' needs and preferences.

best fintech course in India

In fintech, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to revert this loss of personal connection. AI helps to process the data and information of the customers and analyse them in order to predict upcoming trends. This way, fintech companies can help customers have a better experience! A fintech certification course can equip you with the relevant knowledge.

This article discusses how predictive AI is making an impact on fintech solutions. Read on to find out. 

How is AI being used by Fintech Companies?

The fintech industry includes a lot of intricacies and is rich in innovation. The fintech industry is resorting to solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing for numerous tasks like decision-making, analysing customer behaviour and purchase trends, gaining valuable insights, increasing efficiency, etc. 

Discussed below are some potential uses of artificial intelligence in the fintech industry. 

  • Artificial intelligence supports better decision-making: Data-driven decisions are more likely to be accurate and error-free. Machines are asked questions, after which they analyse vast volumes of data. They then deliver the most relevant results, which help the leaders in the fintech industry make better decisions. 
  • Elimination of manual effort and scope for error: AI has a technology known as robotic process automation (RPA), which helps to automate the tasks that would otherwise be performed by humans. This not only saves time but also helps to eliminate the chances of human error. 
  • AI can detect dubious activities: AI also helps to secure cashless transactions by providing security of the highest order. There are AI tools that can study the behavioural patterns of the users and detect any sign of fraudulent attempt. 
  • AI chatbots for swift communication: Chatbots are a supreme pillar of artificial intelligence, and the fintech industry has availed its advantage to the fullest. Earlier in the article, we mentioned that the intrusion of technology in the field of finance had caused a loss of personal connection. 

To bridge this gap, financial institutions incorporate the use of chatbots to maintain communication with customers. Chatbots can immediately attend to and address the concerns of the customers, which makes them feel valued and helps to build their trust. 

Predictive analysis is another important task managed by artificial intelligence that deserves notable mention. Predictive analysis can help to anticipate upcoming trends with the help of techniques like data mining, machine learning, etc. Fintech companies use predictive AI to transform their digital operations so that they remain at par with the customer's needs and the latest market trends.

Using Predictive AI in Fintech 

Predictive analysis uses data, statistics, algorithms, and other techniques to predict the future on the basis of previous data. In the fintech industry, predictive analysis can help to foresee upcoming market trends, understand customer behaviour, and predict investment opportunities. 

Listed below are some of the ways in which predictive AI is contributing to the fintech industry. 

Predictive AI helps to avert the risk of bad loans 

Financial institutions grant loans to generate revenue. However, ever since technology has merged with finance, it has become easy for people to opt for loans over the internet. Predictive AI helps fintech companies make informed decisions by assessing the client's creditworthiness. 

Personalised recommendations 

Predictive AI helps to improve customer experience by offering personalised recommendations for them. It helps to analyse the suitability of certain plans and financial instruments while taking the different parameters into account. Therefore, the target audience gets to invest in plans that are the most suitable for them. 

Secure transactions

Although the amalgamation of finance and technology has helped to streamline transactions, there is also an increased risk associated with cashless transactions. As mentioned earlier in the article, AI also helps identify incidences of fraudulent activities. With the help of predictive analysis, the data of all fraudulent cases that have taken place in the past can be gathered. 

After analysing the data, the patterns of the dubious activities can be figured out. Based on the data thus gathered, financial institutions can help to secure transactions by building more robust verification processes.

Predictive analysis is essential to carry out different financial services. The use of AI for predictive analysis helps to gather huge volumes of data and analyse it with the help of robust algorithms so that prescriptive solutions can be offered to customers. The right kind of predictive analysis helps fintech companies improve their operation and manage their internal processes easily.


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