The Most Important Concepts to Keep In Mind When It Comes To Big Data in HR

The phenomenon that is well known as Data Science has literally gone on to spread all over the glob in a similar fashion as that to a raging wildfire. The world of business and commerce has remained no stranger to this concept and field and in fact has embraced it more than any other. Big Data has been the catalyst in some of the most remarkable discoveries, especially in the field of HR. While the technical aspect dictates that the various valuable insights provided by big data have made for amazing growth and development of a number of firms, it has also helped a number of HR managers in targeted recruitment as well as employee enhancement. As a professional in the HR industry, regardless of the position, there are a certain number of things and concepts that one has to abide by. As surprising as it may sound, it has been proven recently that these few concepts still hold great value and importance, especially when it comes to big data in HR.

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The first basic thing, that all HR professionals need to remember, is the massive difference that there is between “story telling” and “story selling”. This is basically only in the context of how a professional perceives a certain data set. It is important for these professionals to be able to distinguish between a very neutral interpretation of data and on the other hand, a data set that is used to derive a certain expected solution. This skill becomes very important in a market, where every vendor and seller is out there to promote their business solutions, entirely on the basis of data and numbers. When faced with numerous such vendors, it holds in positive stead for you to be a little skeptic.
Another basic concept here is not confusing correlation to causation, which is the one of the primary attributes of statistical analysis. This simply put in layman terms, goes on to state that just because two things are related to each other, it does not mean that they are also the cause of each other. This is very important especially in the world of Human Resources, because HR services are most often related to positive business results. This would only be possible, when the professionals are able to realize the difference between certain variables, that can actually cause similar kind of impact, thus statistically stating the connection between the various HR activities and profitability. The most basic trick to know here, is when you would not require causation at all, when only correlation would be enough to provide the required results. While these days, the data is very much required by the HR professionals, in order to determine the correlation and causation, as well as, evaluation of results and making the decisions. It is also important to know when and how the sample size, taken into account is sufficient.
Thus we can infer that HR is soon becoming the latest avenue for all the data scientists out ther to test their abilities. There is no surprise hence, in the increasing popularity of various institutes. Imarticus Learning, provides excellent professional training in a number of data analytics tools like R, SAS, Hadoop and so on.

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