4 Most Exciting Data Based Start Ups In India Today!

As the world rapidly becomes data driven today, the most exciting places which are rapidly developing as a result of this are all the startups out there. While data technologies have been around for quite a while now, various factors like the increasing speed of data generation, as well as the ability to store data, have resulted into the emergence of a number of advanced data run startups. Apart from being either involved with data analytics and being data driven, these startups are very unique in terms of their various founding members and the educational backgrounds they belong to, the industry that they work in and the opportunities available therein, the kind of investment and funds they receive or raise and so on. Apart from these deciding factors, there is also the growth factor, which makes for a great importance and good career in big data field in terms of how popular a startup goes on to be.
Here’s a list of four such amazing, Indian start-ups, which would be a dream for any Data Science aspirant, to work with.

Edge Networks

Taking the use of data science, to enhance the HR departments of every company out there, this startup was founded in the year 2002. With data science and artificial intelligence, as its core drivers, Edge Networks, in the bid to decrease the cumbersomeness, encountered by a number of job seekers out there, has come up with their product, HIREalchemy. Their solution basically deals with talent acquisition, internal workforce optimization and talent analytics.

Fluid AI

Gone are the days, when one would wish for a way to operate any and every electronic device, with the help of a touch screen. Now it is actually possible for anyone to control, any electronic device with a screen, just by their gestures. The best part? An Indian startup, Fluid AI is attempting to create a huge revolution, which would be really gainful for not only the government of India, but also for the Finance, Web and Marketing industries. Imagine how exciting it would be if any screen, could assist you with more efficiency than any human assistance would be able to provide.

Mad Street Den

While we all may joke around about how sometimes, online shopping can be entirely misleading. Especially when you want to buy the kind of dress that you’ve been dreaming of. You find the exact one and order it, but something entirely different is delivered to your place, which is absolutely not what you have been looking for. This is where this start-up’s flagship product, Vue.ai comes into the picture. It relies heavily on the concepts of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and attempts to provide the customers, with exactly what they’ve been looking for by sending targeted emails and the likes.


India is a very large, populous nation and more often than not, a lot of doctors are faced with the herculean task of being able to provide diagnosis, as well as treatment very promptly. This is where this start up comes into the picture. It is being devised to assist various medical practitioners, in rapid diagnosis, with the help of Image Processing, Classification with AI and Machine Learning at its core.
These amazing startups make it seem like a dream, for any Data Scientist to work in the Indian Data Industry. With various institutes like Imarticus Learning, offering specialization courses in various data analytics tools like R, SAS and Hadoop, achieving the dream is very possible today.

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