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Changes in MBA in India

Management has changed its gears since the COVID-19 pandemic started to eat up jobs and create inflation. The pre-covid MBA Trends in India have changed and for you to remain in the game, it is important to get on board with the Future of MBA In India. The management industry has changed a lot with the introduction of AI and machine learning in every nook and cranny. The terminologies have changed and so have the tools. Organisations across the world are dealing with a talent crunch that can adapt to changing situations accordingly. There are also major upheavals, fluctuations and increased unpredictability and thus let’s get acquainted with MBA trends in India.

Top MBA Trends in India

Demand for online and part-time programs

MBA programs have seen immense demand across the world and India is no exception. Every university and institute has seen increased competitiveness in the admission process. Many universities have hopped on the Future of MBA in India and are offering online courses.

There is more demand for self-paced programs as it gives the flexibility to the students to work while they upgrade their skillset. It also helps the students to work on two degrees simultaneously.

According to a report by the Graduate Management Admission Council's 2020 Applicant Survey, the number of applications to self-paced or part-time MBA programs has increased by up to 53%. Along with this, the demand for flexible MBA programs has grown by 48.6%. It is during this period, that the demand for online MBA programs has grown by around 43.5%.

Increased competition

With this volume of applications, there is a dearth of seats in good MBA programs. The bar for examinations and the screening process has gone up. One of the MBA trends in India is increased competitiveness. The seats are set to be pricier and scarce with the increased demand for better MBA programs. This will also lead to the demand for courses that offers industry experience.

Salary trends

The median salary of management professionals has increased despite the slump seen in other industries worldwide. Since companies have understood the need for strong management during turbulent times, the demand and salary of management professionals have increased significantly. MBA trends in India point towards a further increase in salaries of management professionals which could be a good sign for those pursuing MBA programs.

Future of MBA in India

More entrepreneurs opting for MBA

With everyone wishing to start their business, the demand for MBA programs is set to increase among a budding generation of entrepreneurs. The stigma against MBA programs being just a higher education degree has changed and entrepreneurs are opting for better market knowledge. Entrepreneurs can now learn market analysis, product placement and marketing with MBA programs.

Since most new businesses start in the family or are a solo take, entrepreneurs need to do everything by themselves. This could push the Future of MBA in India towards more entrepreneur-oriented curriculums and flexible programs.

AI and Machine learning in MBA programs

With the introduction of ChatGPT, everyone is scared of losing their jobs to AI, but the story for management is different. The 2023 MBA trends in India are leaning towards the utilisation of more AI tools and machine learning skills in programs. Since AI aims to make work easier, MBA programs are set to offer more AI-based tools in their curriculum to keep the students’ industry relevant.

Why choose Imarticus Learning?

Imarticus Learning brings MBA In Fintech in collaboration with Geeta University.

The curriculum curated by Imarticus Learning in association with Geeta University has been deemed as new-age and industry aligned by industry leaders. It includes topics like:

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Operations and supply chain

Information system management

Fintech in banking and finance


Blockchain and applications


Cloud computing

Business research

Project management


Machine learning in fintech

AI in fintech

Fintech in payment and lending

You will get to work on capstone projects that enable the students to link their projects to issues of community and utilise their learning experience. You will also get the skill enhancement certifications and benefits of a digitally-enabled campus.

Along with this, the MBA program offers summer internships in top companies. After the completion of the program, you will also get career support that includes placement. Career support also includes mock interview sessions, resume-building classes and more.

Imarticus Learning has worked to get more than 56000 students placed and enable 45,000+ career transitions. That is not all. To provide the best assistance in the competitive job market for our learners, we have collaborated with more than 500 industry leaders as our partners for maximum placement opportunities.

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Goldman Sachs


Standard Chartered


Moody’s analytics

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