The big 5 predictions for Machine Learning certifications in 2022

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The big 5 predictions for Machine Learning certifications in 2022

The future is AI. Machine learning is no longer just an aspect of artificial intelligence but one of the most pivotal building foundations of innovation and new possibilities. 

So, what are the top 5 predictions for Machine Learning and AI:

AI solutions will infiltrate the corporate world - In the past few years, the demand for data scientists has skyrocketed. With digitization taking over, manual labor had to be replaced with the likes of AI. Last year witnessed a boom in the application of AI to compensate for the turmoil in the labor supply chain. Customer service solutions turned to AI with chatbots and various other automated services to combat the pandemic’s impact on labor and businesses.

With technology advancing alarmingly, businesses have no choice but to adapt to AI. AI has become the oil that keeps the corporate world running smoothly today and businesses that don’t adopt new technology are not far from falling out of the race. 

More and more students will enroll in machine learning courses - Machine learning has become an indispensable need in the corporate world. With businesses looking to expand, data has become an integral part that demands data scientists who can decode it and analyze it to provide innovative solutions to real-time problems. Machine learning examines complex data automatically and companies need data scientists who can give them insight into bigger data by creating an algorithm that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

With the increase in demand for data scientists, more and more students will turn to courses like machine learning with python or learn data analytics online via the various courses available on the internet. Increased creative AI - Today, whenever we go on the internet, we see online mascots and other characters that aren’t real people. They’ve been created through the application of AI. Several different industries like music, fashion, and art have been using AI for years now to generate creative content.

Although AI has not yet penetrated mainstream media, given how fast technology is gaining ground, a computerized version of today’s mainstream content like AI-generated award shows is a powerful possibility. 

Synthetic data generation

2021 witnessed companies struggling to acquire data and manage it efficiently. It is but natural that they would turn to technology that would enable them to generate synthetic data. 

What is synthetic data? Synthetic data is not based on data collected from the real world instead, it is data that is created via an algorithm. Synthetic data comes with its own set of security and privacy features which can prove to be extremely beneficial to companies. It has been predicted that by 2025, synthetic data will be accountable for 10% of data generated in its entirety.

The healthcare unit and marketing domain are gradually but most definitely switching to synthetic data. Renowned companies like Apollo are fabricating synthetic datasets to be used in line with autonomous vehicles. As more professions start experimenting and incorporating synthetic datasets to create unique products and services, we will eventually see the rise of this form of data in every aspect. 

AI and machine learning will be key to achieving sustainability - Industries today are trying to adopt more sustainable forms of technology. From small startups to major brands in the fashion industry, attaining sustainability has become the prime theme for most companies and the adoption of AI has played an important role in working towards achieving that goal. 


AI and machine learning have become imperative in the innovation and development of society. The need to consistently model tune AI is critical to creating an ethical and efficient future for machine learning. 

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