The 5 Most In-Demand Skills In The FinTech Industry!

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If there is one field that is growing at a rapid pace and which also has a lot of scope for students in India, it is fintech. Short for financial technology, it has revolutionized the way we manage our finances in a short span. Whether it is small-scale investments or corporate finance, fintech has managed to provide better solutions like mobile banking, wallets, UPI, and other IT-driven financial services.

This is the same reason why a fintech career is one of the most sought-after paths for aspiring students today. But with that aspiration comes the question of specialization. What skills to master? And what fintech courses to take?

Fintech online certification course in IndiaHere’s help in the form of a starter guide about the 5 most in-demand skills in the industry.

1.      Strong Understanding of Programming Languages

Knowing the basics of coding and having a working knowledge of at least one major programming language is essential to even enter the world of fintech.

And when you do enter, just knowing a language is not enough. A fintech career requires you to innovate in that language and come up with solutions to modern problems. This is only possible if you know the language (or languages) inside out.

Fintech certification courseSome of the most common languages used in fintech are JavaScript, Python, and SQL. You can learn more about them through easily available fintech courses online.

2.      Mathematical and Analytical Skills

You have to be very sharp with numbers.

Some people have a natural way with numbers and that is expected in any student who wants to make it big in the fintech industry. In addition to accountancy and bookkeeping skills, you also need to be strong with charts and graphs and mathematical analysis. Tech tools involved in fintech are extremely useful and knowing how to use them even more critical.

3.      Blockchain Skills

An intermediate-level expert in blockchain has a better chance of nailing a fintech job interview than a financial expert. Why?

Because fintech companies are looking for talent who have a bend with technology. Since blockchain is considered the next big thing in online security and privacy, experts in the subject are in demand.

This makes blockchain a hot skill and something that you should study on the side as you prepare for your fintech career.

4.      Cybersecurity Skills

Another in-demand skill for your fintech career is related to cybersecurity. This is obvious because security is one of the most crucial aspects of fintech. A company creates a mobile wallet app, and one of the most important things it needs to ensure is the safety of its users’ private information.

With the constant threat from hackers looming, companies need to make sure that their products are secured with top-notch technology. This is where your cybersecurity skills come into play.

Knowing existing security standards such as the FIDO alliance, two-step verification, strong authentication, and other related concepts then becomes paramount.

5.      Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Last on the list is machine learning, which is one of the most in-demand tech skills in general. The world is still trying to make communication between computers and humans free-flowing, and having one more expert getting involved in it is a welcome move.

If you are a finance student, it would be good to expose yourself to such tech concepts as you try to build a fintech career in India.

The recent change in the high school education framework of India further makes fintech an appealing path. This is because students can now take two more years to decide on their interests and start focusing on specific employable skills from early on. Start now and enroll in a fintech course today.

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