Specialized Courses on Capital Markets, Risk Management, Asset Management and Retail Banking

Imarticus Learning was created with a mission to bridge the gap between academia and the industry by providing job specific and industry relevant training. We are India's leading Financial Services and Analytics professional education company and assist firms in meeting their human capital and skillset requirements through our range of bespoke training and staffing solutions.

Financial Markets

Financial markets are extremely important to the general health of an economy. Without effective markets for credit and capital, borrowing and investment will be limited and the whole macro-economy can suffer. Our programs on Financial Markets start off with the basics of capital markets for entry-level employees, and cover different financial markets and equity and debt instruments. For the more experienced learner, we offer advanced modules on pricing methodologies and trading strategies for various instruments. We also offer ‘deep dives’ into more complex products such as CDOs, swaptions and other structured products for the serious practitioner.

Capital Market Operations

At the heart of every Investment bank is a dedicated Support team spanning across Operations, Finance, Product Control, among others, which is responsible for the management and execution of millions of securities transactions on a daily basis. The quality of Operations will drive banks’ ability to actually operate profitably. Our training programs provide comprehensive, hands-on understanding of the critical control points in the smooth functioning of global capital markets. Learn about trade life cycle of securities, liquidity and collateral management, documentation, risk and control.

Corporate finance

Corporate finance, which encompasses Investment Banking and Research, is the field of finance which deals with financial decisions that business enterprises make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions. Investment Banking has got to be one of the most glamorous and aspirational careers in Finance - The biggest deals on Wall Street and other stock markets in the world are brought to the table by investment bankers and they are virtually behind all financial transactions that move the stock markets including security offerings, mergers and acquisitions and IPOs.

Corporate & Retail Banking

Retail and corporate banks are of critical importance to the domestic and global economies. Retail banking brings in the customer deposits that largely enable banks to make loans to their retail and business customers. Corporate banks, for their part, make the loans that enable businesses to grow and hire people, contributing to expansion of the economy. For proof of the importance of banks to the economy, one needs to look no further than the global credit crisis of 2007-08. Our retail banking portfolio covers both behavioral and product specific training on topics such as loans, bank cards, as well as bank operations and regulations. On the corporate banking side, we offer specialized courses on commercial lending, trade finance, structured finance, payment systems among others.

Asset and Wealth Management

Meeting the needs of increasingly sophisticated private clients in a turbulent investment environment is a challenge all private wealth and asset managers face. This represents a real opportunity but also a potential threat for many organizations. Only if your asset managers sufficiently understand the key issues and trends can they generate business and grow their assets under management. In response to these market developments we have developed a number of programs suited to your exacting requirements, including asset allocation, portfolio management, fund administration and tax provisioning and asset classes like mutual funds and hedge funds.

Finance and Accounting

Finance, Accounting and Budgeting skills have never been more important. Companies now face increased global competition, unpredictable costs and sales revenue as well as volatile market conditions in term oil prices, interest rates and FX rates. Our programs on Finance and Accounting will provide the essential knowledge and practical skills to enable candidates to manage costs and budgets, maximise revenues and reduce financial risks.


The insurance industry in India and globally is in flux. Rapid changes in demographics, disruptive technological advances, over-regulation, and the entrance into the market from traditional financial services companies are presenting significant risks for growth throughout the industry. Imarticus provide comprehensive insurance sales training solutions, enabling your team to reach next levels of success within today’s rapidly changing environment.

Risk Management

Risk management has emerged as a very important component to a firm’s financial well-being. In order to stay viable, firms need to determine which risks they are exposed to, which risk the firm should keep, moderate, or ultimately eliminate. While there is increased focus on risk mitigation in India, few still have the in-depth know-how or the practical knowledge on how to mitigate risk effectively.

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