So You Want A Data Science Career? Start By Doing This

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So You Want A Data Science Career? Start By Doing This

If you are searching for how to start building a robust data science career, then you must have come across hard skill terms like machine learning (ML), analysis, and statistics. Apart from the hard skills, you should also possess soft skills like persuasive communication and critical thinking if you want to grow up in this role. The industry of data science is vast with endless opportunities so you just need to have the required skills and education to land your dream job in the future.

What are the different career options in data science?

Here are some of the most common job titles you can be entitled to if you want a career in data science: 

Data Mining Engineer 

A data mining engineer not only examines the data of their own business but information from third-party as well. Apart from analyzing data, a data mining engineer also develops complex algorithms for analyzing the data. 

Business Intelligence Analyst 

These analysts figure out business and market trends by using data. They analyze data and develop a clear picture of the company’s position.

Data Scientist 

Data scientists can translate any business case into an analytical agenda, creating hypotheses, interpreting data, and discovering patterns to measure the impact they create on businesses. They can also select relevant algorithms to help in analyzing the data further. Their role is not just limited to explaining what impact will be created by data on the company but also to bring out solutions that will be helpful for the company in dealing with these effects in the future. 

Data Architect

A data architect works in close association with system designers, developers, and users for creating blueprints that are used by data management systems to integrate, centralize, maintain and safeguard the sources of data.

Senior Data Scientist 

A senior data scientist has the potential to anticipate the future needs of a business. They collect data and also analyze it thoroughly to get through very complex business problems smoothly. Using their prior experience, they can design new standards and also drive their development. They also find out ways in which they can use the statistical data and create tools for analysis. 

An overview of Imarticus’ certificate programme in data science and machine learning

Our certificate program in data science and machine learning has been curated to help you know the initials of data science and machine learning. In collaboration with iHUB DivyaSampark @ IIT Roorkee, we have designed this programme to help individuals learn the fundamentals along with various aspects of data science and machine learning.

In the process, you will be also equipped with the knowledge required to implement these concepts to real-life problems. You will also know about data mining and machine learning tools using Python. One of the most remarkable aspects of this 5-month programme designed by eminent IIT faculty members is that it teaches you how to use data-based insights to create a positive impact on organizational growth. 

This particular data science programme will also help individuals build a very strong base in databases and gain specialization in machine learning with Python as it will lead to data-oriented decision-making. This programme is an attempt to raise professionals who can render meaningful data insights and help businesses follow the right path to achieve their growth objectives. 

Why choose Imarticus’ certificate programme in data science and machine learning?

There are plenty of data science courses available but the programme that we offer stands apart from the rest in many aspects, such as: 

Get LIVE training sessions by IIT faculty and industry experts 

The programme will be delivered to you live through online classes taken by top Indian faculty belonging to IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and other distinguished institutes. Industry experts also have intense knowledge about data science and machine learning as they have been working on relevant projects in several organizations. 

Startup mentorship and funding programme

Those who are enthusiastic about start-ups can also pitch ideas and seek funding support on this platform created by iHUB DivyaSampark @IIT Roorkee under the national scheme of Digital India. 

Recognition from iHUB DivyaSampark @ IIT Roorkee and the Department of Science and Technology 

Once you complete the programme, you will receive a certificate issued by iHUB DivyaSampark @ IIT Roorkee, Department of Science and Technology in partnership with Imarticus Learning under NM-ICPS. The certificate will create a huge impact on your profile and will give a boost to your data science career. 


So, if you have already decided on starting a career in data science and machine learning, what are you even waiting for? Go ahead and get registered for this certificate programme on our website. You can also call us to chat with us to know more details about this certificate programme that is a magic wand for all data science aspirants. 

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