Do You Need An Artificial Intelligence Certification?

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Do You Need An Artificial Intelligence Certification?

AI is becoming one of the most promising and in-demand career paths today. It offers many opportunities for those with the right skill set to enter this booming industry. 

The demand for AI professionals keeps rising as more and more businesses turn to AI to improve operations and increase efficiency.

 If you want to work in AI, you may be wondering what you need to do. One way to learn AI is through an artificial intelligence course

If you are interested in learning more about AI, here are 8 reasons why you should earn certification in this field. 

  • Stay Up-to-date 

AI is an emerging technology, and professionals need to stay in touch with the latest trends and developments.

An artificial intelligence course provides the latest information on AI technologies and applications. Moreover, this also demonstrates your commitment to learning.

  • Validation

A certification from a top institute validates your skills and gives you credibility. This shows employers that you have the skills to work with AI technology. 

So, it's vital to ensure that your skills are indeed validated and that you can use the certification to further your career. Imarticus Learning offers a globally recognized artificial intelligence course collaborating with IIT Guwahati.

  • Future-Proof Career

A career in AI is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a future-proof job. As artificial intelligence evolves and becomes more prevalent in society, those with the skills to work with AI will be in high demand.  So, if you decide to learn AI and take it up as a career, it'll help you stand out from other job candidates.

  • Improves Employability

Certification from a top institute improves your employability. For instance, completing an artificial intelligence course, like that offered by Imarticus Learning, increases your employability. 

The AI and ML fields offer pretty high salary packages for their roles. For instance, the average package in India is around INR 15-40 Lacs for ML and AI roles.

You can apply your newly learned skills in various fields, such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and logistics.

  • Improves Marketability

An AI certification can increase your marketability, whether you want to change careers or advance in your current field.

Companies seek workers who can automate processes and make data work as the world becomes technology-driven.
An AI certification proves that you have the skills to make this happen.

  • Technical Competence

An AI certification will give you the skills to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive field and help demonstrate your proficiency and show employers that you are serious about your career in AI. 

AI programs, based on application-based learning skills, provide you with skills to build your own AI applications and apply them in a way that will benefit your business.

  • Understanding AI

Before enrolling in an AI certification course, you need to check its curriculum. In addition, you can also learn about the faculty and industry experts who'll help you better understand how AI works. 

The course curriculum will build a strong foundation of AI concepts. And the industry experts will help with the practical implementation of machine learning, deep learning, and AI techniques through real-world projects in diverse industries.

Imarticus Learning offers an AI course with an extensive curriculum covered over nine months. 

  • Specialization

An AI certification will allow you to specialize in a particular area of artificial intelligence. AI is a vast field with many sectors and specializations. 

Here are some of the most common roles you'll find in AI:

  • Machine learning engineer: works with data to develop and train machine learning models.
  • Business analyst: analyses business and documents its systems, assessing the business model.
  • Data analyst: interprets data and makes recommendations to help improve business decisions.
  • Web & social media analyst: analyses web and social media data to help improve online visibility and engagement.
  • Artificial intelligence engineer: develops and deploys AI algorithms and applications.
  • Data scientist: collects and analyses large data sets to find trends and insights.
  • Machine learning architect: responsible for designing and developing machine learning models and algorithms.

These are some roles you can apply to after learning AI.


The field of artificial intelligence is one of the most rapidly growing and exciting areas in the tech industry. If you want to enter the field of AI or advance your career, a certification may be beneficial. 

Getting a certification in AI can help you stay ahead of the curve and land a job in this cutting-edge field. This article looked at 8 reasons why you should earn accreditation in an artificial intelligence course

You can learn AI through Imarticus Learning's IIT artificial intelligence course. Contact Imarticus or visit one of their centers to learn more about their world-class AI certification. 

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