Skill Development Courses For Leadership Development

Skill Development Courses For Leadership Development

Over 50% of the workforce will need reskilling by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum'sFuture Of Jobs repor t. Key factors influencing this trend include automation, shifts to remote work, and fast-evolving market demands that require businesses to respond and take products to market at an accelerated pace.

A significant gap in the cycle is that workforces do not have adequate skills to solve these challenges. To build a competitive advantage, companies must invest in skills development courses that prepare team members to take ownership and be leaders.

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Well-designed, high-value employee training and development programs equip employees with new-age, in-demand skills and boost their chances for growth and success. They will also have a transformative effect on the company's sustainability and profitability.

Upskilling for leadership

Employees today seek more than a fat paycheck and benefits. A survey by Gartner indicates that development and future career opportunities are critical metrics by which employees gauge their employee value proposition (EVP). Phenomena such as The Great Resignation have demonstrated that employees tend to stay and thrive in companies that enable upskilling and opportunities to lead. By investing in leadership development courses, companies create opportunities for team members to increase their knowledge and skills and enhance their career trajectories within the company. It is a win-win for businesses and their workforces.

Boosting productivity

In a post-pandemic world, many changes have significantly impacted employees' productivity.

Technology and automation are accelerating the pace at which change affects workplace culture, products and consumption.

Several employers are embracing hybrid workplaces.

The supply chain is more volatile due to unforeseen events worldwide.

Workplaces must step up to meet these challenges. However, employees are not necessarily in a position to tackle fresh challenges due to a lack of skills. It leads to demotivation, which in turn reduces productivity.

Customised employee training and development programs equip team members with critical new skills and the mindset to face upheavals and succeed in the face of uncertainty.

Customised training: need of the hour

Leaders should acknowledge that a one-size-fits-all training approach will not serve the organisation's needs. Leadership development courses must be curated strategically to drive other business goals. Here are three unique needs of employees and how organisations can respond with the right fit for employee training and development programs:

Lack of knowledge and resistance to adopting tech-enabled solutions: Training can expose workforces to essential technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. This will nudge team members to adopt tech-centric problem-solving attitudes without feeling overwhelmed.

Inability to cope with loss: Millions of employees lost loved ones in the pandemic yet never had the time to grieve. It has impacted the productivity,  retention and employee engagement of even the most highly valued employees. Companies are now providing employees with the necessary training and resources to cope with loss.

Lack of exposure to the leadership mindset: The World Economic Forum identified four skills in future leaders that can help them navigate challenges: curiosity, resilience, the "We" mindset and flexibility. The hard truth is that many professionals are pushed into leadership positions without guidance on how to lead. Early investments in a leadership management program will help increase the potential for the leadership pipeline to succeed and bring excellence to these challenging new roles.


Millions of professionals today aspire to occupy leadership positions. They want to pursue fresh challenges and be recognised for their efforts. Companies that continuously create opportunities for team members to learn and grow have a competitive edge. Investing in a customised, high-value leadership management program is an effective approach to building a highly productive workforce that drives the organization's competitive advantage and profitability.

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