Roles of a Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional in Mergers & Acquisitions

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Investment banking has become one of the most coveted fields when it comes to making a career. There are several career opportunities in Investment Banking. You can now take up several investment banking courses with placement.

With a certification, you become a certified professional in Investment Banking and its operations. While all the related fields are essential, some areas are more lucrative than others. Mergers & Acquisitions is one such field.

Role of a Certified Investment Banker in Mergers and Acquisitions

 A certified professional has a lot of value when it comes to Investment Banking. If a person wants to get into Mergers and Acquisitions, certification is very important as it adds to the person's credibility. Nowadays, there are investment banking courses with placement. You can take them up to become a certified investment banking operations professional or an investment banker. There are several roles that an accredited investment banker plays:

  1. Valuation

 Currently, several companies are expanding by acquiring smaller companies. This calls for calculating the fair value of the company. This can only be done by a certified Investment Banking professional. These people are experts in calculating the worth of the business.

  1. Understanding the Buyer-Seller Dynamics

 During a merger and acquisition deal, the professional needs to study the market and then recommend the way forward to both the buyer and the seller. Several strategic ideations have to be done before the deal is finalized. All of these ideations are done by a certified investment banker. Also, a qualified professional is needed to prepare the Selling Memorandum, which is a detailed sales document.

  1. Financing Provision

 In any merger and acquisition deal, a lot of money is involved. The funds can be arranged either by selling shares or by debt financing. All of these complexities are handled by a certified Investment Banker. An investment banker also advises the parties to use any other securities present in the market. They are also called market makers as they are involved both with the seller and the buyer. Only an investment banker can analyze the price that will work for the new issues in the market. 

  1. Financial Modelling

 Financial Modelling is vital to value debt and equity during mergers and acquisitions. Several valuation methods are needed during a merger and acquisition. A certified professional in Investment Banking is equipped to perform financial Modelling.

There are several other roles of a certified investment banking operations professional. There are several career opportunities in Investment Banking that individuals can explore. You can explore and decide your niche.

 Relevant Skills Required to Become a Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

A professional involved in mergers and acquisitions is expected to be skilled enough to perform varied roles. Some relevant skills and knowledge that is expected from a certified professional are:

  • A relevant degree to substantiate that the person will perform all the functions needed during a merger and acquisition.
  • At least a Bachelor degree from a recognized school or university
  • Should have the ability to work in a fast-paced and a dynamic environment
  • Should have strong communication skills
  • Should have an analytical bent of mind
  • Must have a solid logical reasoning skill


Imarticus Learning is known to provide professional courses in Investment Banking. If you opt for these courses, you will become well-versed with what goes into becoming a successful investment banker who can manage mergers and acquisitions without any hassle. A certified Investment Banking Operations Professional is expected to be abreast with everything that goes around in the industry. Only then he can ace the job he is into.

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