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MBA Certification Programs

The COVID-19 is likely to set different industry trends, opening up potential corners related to technology and finance. With the globe adopting the new normal of the 21st-century pandemic, thoughts turn to what comes for those looking for careers in finance and analytics!

With the removal of lockdowns and lifting of restrictions, economies are stimulating. Safety and wellness remain a priority for everyone. The pandemic presents an opportunity to explore the hidden potentials and secure jobs in finance, technology, and analytics through training for future in-demand skills. This calls for the advancement and upgradation of professionals and businesses.

Jobs of Tomorrow:

According to research, “97 million new roles will emerge by 2025, which will be more adapted to a new division of labor between machines, humans, and algorithms”. Such roles are already in demand, including data analysts and scientists, AI and machine learning specialists, robotics engineers, Fintech experts, and business analysts. Organizations need a back-up of an exemplary talent pipeline to implement technologies appropriately.

In this situation, job roles related to technology like cybersecurity experts and data scientists will be in-demand to secure organizations’ surface area from potential risks. This digital transformation increases the reliability of skilled and well-trained professionals.

It’ time to fight back and reclaim control of your career with a strategy that helps you succeed, i.e., intensive training and upgrading.

Fight Back Covid With Imarticus and Prepare!

Many may lurk into uncertainty on where to start?

Well, you definitely can’t sit still and let Covid ruin your career. At Imarticus, we assist you in fighting back by becoming a skilled New Age professional.

We provide a platform for you to invest time into E-learning and new-age career programs. Imarticus learning addresses all your future needs through intensive training that helps you secure a job in top companies in the industry.

While the pandemic may be a problem for others, at Imarticus, we turn this into an opportunity for you. Avail up to 30% off on our placement-oriented future-skill professional training programs and upgrade to the New Age career of your dreams! Imarticus understands your passion for your profession; thus, our 'industry-first approach' and industry-academia gap bridging idea prepare aspirants for job placements.

Data scientistBe it a new-age career in analytics, or a career in finance, or a career in marketing, Imarticus learning is focused on skill retraining and upskilling for jobs of tomorrow.

We offer MBA certification courses and management programs for recent graduates, young professionals, and executives. Our programs have been assisting professionals in developing critical thinking, retrain, enhance knowledge, and develop careers strategically for years. Now it's your turn to enroll in our new-age career programs.

MBA Certification ProgramsImraticus learning aims to train you for in-demand skills, extract insights, and improve decision-making. This is a golden opportunity to enroll in over ‘3000 hours’ of advanced E-learning classes that polish you into an asset for many organizations. Imarticus offers a fee waiver, with discounts up to 30%, which is an exclusive offer during this pandemic era.

Rather than Covid-19 hampering your career dreams, Imarticus lets you turn the tables and explore the potential through learning programs. Sign-up today for these tailored programs to claim control of your careers.

Imarticus Learning strongly respects the power of time and wishes professionals to be productive while staying home during the pandemic. The online e-learning programs are curtailed exclusively for professionals to explore their skills through our programs. Enroll today to avail exclusive discounts on job-centered training programs that add a badge of knowledge and acumen to your career.

Believe it or not, this is the best way to fight back COVID while staying safe at home and boosting careers!

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