Python Developer Salary in Terms of Job Roles

Python Developer Salary and jobs

What is Python?

The second most liked Programming language in the world, Python is one of the widely used term in the web-development world.

Who are Python Developers?

The web-developers who design and code the software applications with the help of Python language are referred to as Python Developers.

Roles and responsibilities of Python Developers

 Python Developers as Data Scientists

Major businesses in today’s world require tools and skilled people for the data-related tasks such as data collection, data cleaning and processing.

Python Programming Course with Data ScienceData Scientists are the programmers who do these tasks for the organizations. Data Scientists gather a large quantity of data and convert it into a useful form, followed by recognizing data-analytics solutions for organizational growth.

Data Scientists encourage the data-driven approach in organizations to deal with complex business problems.

 Artificial Intelligence

In AI Python Developers create and implement the required Machine Language algorithms. They analyze the success and failure of the algorithm and rank them according to their performance for future use. Training and Retraining ML algorithms is one of the key tasks performed by Python Developers.

Salaries of Python Developers in India

The changing focus of the organizations on data-driven solutions is resulting in a manifold increase in the salaries of the Python Developers. In the coming years the demand for AI-skilled people will increase, and hence the salaries.

Major IT giants like Google, YouTube, Amazon etc. are adopting Python-driven systems and hence, manifold increases in the salaries of the Python Developers.

Python Programming Course with Data scienceThe entry level salary of a Data Scientist is approximately INR 500,000 per annum (Source: Data scientists with 5-9 years of work experience gets +100% more salary in India. With the experience and refinement of the skill, the salary of Data scientists shows exponential growth.

 An entry-level engineer who develops the ML Algorithms earns the average salary of approximately INR 700,000 annually. With further experience and refinement of the skills, the average salary of the Data Scientist shows exponential growth.

Factors affecting the Salaries of Python Developers

Job location: Considering the increasing demand of Python Developers, not only in India, the faster salary growth is visible in UK and in US.


Approximate Average Salary in INR













UK Python Developer annual salary


US Python Developer annual salary



Python Developer

Approximate Salaries in INR

Entry Level Python Developer


Med-Level Python Developer


Experienced Python Developer


Refined Skills:

Mere understanding of the Python is of no use, till is integrated with the problems and solutions. How one uses the well-known Python tools define the person’s skill set, which is a determiner of the salary.

Job Role:

Python Developer

Approximate Average Salary in INR

Data Scientists


ML Engineer


DevOps Engineer


Software Engineer


Web Developer



Python Programming Course with Data ScienceShould know more interesting things about Python programming training and Python career.


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