Pursue a Career in Data Science: Why Is This The Perfect Time (COVID - Pandemic)?

Career in Data Science

In a recent article published by LinkedIn, the organization reported a 25% increase in the number of data science professionals in India alone. On a global scale, this number is close to 37%. If you have been wanting to pursue a career in data science, then now is the right time to chase that dream, and in today’s article, we will tell you why?

Let’s get started.

Why Should You Pursue a Career in Data Science in 2020?

Post the COVID-19 crisis, the world has shifted to a completely remote work environment, and as predicted, the amount of data that is available now for collection has increased rapidly. As companies keep collecting a variety of different data sets, the need for expert data scientists are swiftly on the rise.

Career in Data Science in COVID 19 PandemicThe key concept behind this rise being, companies, need experts to analyze the data that is being collected and conclude decisions which not only contribute to short term gains but also long term business advances for the business.

Along with this, since the demand for such roles is on the rise, companies are willing to spend more to hire the best talent in the market, thus increasing the overall pay of the profession.


Some of the most common designations you can explore in this field include the following:

  1. Data Engineer
  2. Data Analyst
  3. AI Product Manager
  4. Data and Analytics Manager
  5. Database Administrator
  6. Business Analyst

How to Get Started With a Career in Data Science?

Now that you know the why of why you should pursue a career in data science, along with a few of the designations you should pursue, let us explore how you can kick start your career.

21st century is one of the hottest times to pursue a career in data science since millions of job openings are being posted on the regular. While having a degree in science or engineering is a good foundation to pursue a career in data science, if you truly want to stand out, one of the best things to do is to get a professional certification from any of the top recognized companies.

While one of the most obvious advantages of having a certification in data science is the edge it gives you over thousands of applications; the underrated advantage is making it easy for recruiters to spot your talent and choose for the right role.


2020 is a cornerstone in shaping how big data analytics will be used in the future, and thus the decisions you make today on how to pursue and shape your career in data science will determine your success in the future. With technologies such as big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence being readily used by the small to medium scale businesses around the world to increase their capabilities, the need for skilled professionals, who can swiftly analyze this data and extract meaningful insights will be on a constant rise.

In 2020, if you choose to pursue a career in data science, it can easily be estimated that your future will be secure for the next generation.

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