Pros & Cons- Is it worth becoming an investment banker?

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Pros & Cons- Is it worth becoming an investment banker?

Investment banking is probably one of the top-level jobs all over the world. It is a perfect blend of high pay, long working hours, excellent people’s skill, fierce competition, and much more. When it comes to deciding a career path, various factors determine the choice. Knowing that an investment banking career could be a very challenging yet interesting career option, in the long run, some confusing questions are bound to occur to the mind.

Investment Banking course

The most important one is ‘is it worth becoming an investment banker?’. Or ‘what could be the pros and cons of investment banking?’. Thankfully, at Imarticus, we offer investment banking certification courses falling under the CIBOP program, which can boost your career path. 

Pros of Investment Banking

  • When you would start your career as an investment banker, you would receive a high joining bonus which would make you want to work more in this field.
  • Extensive networking with large enterprises and their people is also a trait of an investment banker. You can have the opportunity to connect with the people in big firms up to a very personal level as well. This opens the gates to building your network of people.
  • Every day is a new day in the life of an investment banker. You would get the opportunity to learn many different subjects from your manager, colleagues, and even customers. Not just an expert in investment banking, you would develop many other skills like financing, taxing, accounting, and of course people’s skills.
  • It can also teach you the skill of becoming a multi-tasker. Since you work with and for multiple people at the same time, you learn to prioritize your tasks in an effective manner.
  • Nonetheless, an investment banking career is a high-paid job. You would get outstanding compensations and bonuses for your work throughout the year.
  • Since everything is online, most of the work can be done from home. If your enterprise approves this, then you can work comfortably and efficiently at home. 

Cons of Investment Banking

  • Intense performance competition in investment banking has begun to affect personal lives as well. There is a shotgun every day at the head of an investment banker to give his career-best performance every single day. If not, there would be many others in line as a replacement.
  • Long tedious working hours would put your work-life balance at stake. You might need to do overtime as well to meet the target annual goals which might be very exhausting. Sometimes, even during your vacation or weekends, you cannot avoid customer calls and might need to work more than 15 hours a day.
  • Some customers can be very difficult to handle and it can be challenging to work with them and understand their needs. They might put up false and unrealistic goals in front of you.
  • There is always an element of fear attached to investment banking in terms of job security. During difficult financial times, it might become very difficult to find another job in case your current employment contract ends or if you are fired from the company in case they do not have enough funds to support you. 


So after having read extensively the pros and cons of investment banking, what should you choose? Although it depends on you and your interests, you can be sure of the investment banking certification courses offered by Imaticus.

These investment banking courses would help you become a successful investment banker in the future and would teach you the ways and tricks of handling all the above-mentioned cons like a professional. 

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