Navigating Career in Finance After 12th

Navigating Career in Finance Analysis After 12th

Starting a profession after graduating from high school is a milestone period, and the decisions made frequently build the groundwork for future success. The expanding field of finance approaches, with promise in today's competitive worldwide environment, offers a varied array of possibilities and hurdles.

Finance is a vast universe that includes every detail, from investing tactics that shape worldwide markets to rigorous financial planning that ensures individual destinies.

The estimated revenue growth is expected to surpass US$12.17 billion by 2023 with a 2.83% a year growth rate in the financial market, resulting in a total of US$13.99 billion by 2028. For 12th graduates who want to pursue a career in finance, this trajectory represents a developing sector and long-term growth prospects.

The following article will guide you while you stand at a crossroads, contemplating the many possibilities available to you and the information required for handling the world of finance after schooling. 

Advantages of Pursuing a Career in Finance

Pursuing a career in finance reveals an extensive range of benefits that go far beyond financial advantages. Here are a few strong reasons why getting into finance might prove quite advantageous:

Good Money and Growth - It goes beyond saying that once you've established a career in finance, you will have the opportunity to earn a lot of income. In the sector of finance, even some entry-level occupations are profitable in terms of revenue. Furthermore, with the correct set of talents and skills, there is the potential to fast advance up the ladder of opportunities.

Learning and Adaptability on a Continuous Basis - The financial environment is always changing, necessitating ongoing development and adaptation to new technology, norms and market trends. This constant change provides chances for personal and professional growth, resulting in an innovative and exciting career path.

Balanced Lifestyle - Careers in the finance sector allow you to have a balanced lifestyle as your work hours are more flexible. Certainly, there are hectic days, but the employment domain provides an improved overall balance.

Global Significance - Finance is a worldwide universal language. It is vital for the global economy because it allows professionals to participate in international markets and analyse global developments while contributing to financial stability worldwide.

Job security - A career in finance allows you to select a position that provides the most financial stability. Any field would benefit from an all-around security feature. 

Growth Potential - Finance organisations are always looking for new talent to help them develop. It facilitates career advancement. At the very same time, since money is not usually location-specific, it is a simple alternative to relocate. 

Career Options and Specialisations

Here's a more in-depth look at finance job alternatives and specialisations for those evaluating choices after the 12th.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is a branch of finance which offers financing for business operations. It addresses financial sources, budgeting, choice of investments and capital reorganisation. 

Corporate finance experts are recruited at various levels based on their academic qualifications, developed abilities and interests. You should have a flair for figures and use it to manage money, maximise return on expenditure and introduce smart budgeting options.

Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the most coveted professional paths in finance. It is also an appealing path concerning professional advancement and compensation package. Investment bankers are in charge of financial remodelling responsibilities. Their job is to work with numbers and information to make judgements that improve corporate operations. 

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is a blend of business and research since it necessitates business, mathematical concepts and statistics skills. As a portfolio manager, you examine the whole portfolio selection of your customers, who can be organisations or people rather than individual investments.

You also have to influence organisational investment policy and allocation of asset selections. In portfolio management, employed specialists must seek to maximise returns at a specified risk. This would necessitate a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) assessment of domestic and foreign markets.

Public Accounting

Accounting is a wide research and practice field encompassing many financial services. In broad terms, it is involved with collecting and maintaining funds for a government or private enterprise. Public accountants additionally offer advice and create reports to help businesses cut costs, raise income and improve their financial situation. 

As an accountant, you may operate in-house to assist organisations in getting their accounting records in order, understand their expenditures' safety and make long-term projections. 


In conclusion, after passing the 12th grade, pursuing a finance career might be a lucrative and satisfying adventure. For those ready to research and delve into the specifics of finances, there are numerous chances. Pursuing specialised finance training courses or a financial management course can considerably improve one's knowledge base and skill set, laying the groundwork for a prosperous professional path.

Investment banking, economic evaluation, risk management and other fields are all part of the finance industry. As a result, it's critical to discover and foster specialised interests while being adaptive to the industry's changing expectations. Furthermore, enrolling in Imarticus' Postgraduate Financial Analysis Programme comprises not just academic instruction but also hands-on experience, providing learners with the knowledge required to navigate the ever-changing world of finance.

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