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The amount of data generated online is increasing at a rapid pace. Organisations use raw data to derive meaningful insights to make decisions. Companies are adopting Big Data tools to process vast volumes of data from many sources. Apache Hadoop is a significant disruptor in Big Data. This technology has proved useful in capitalising on Big Data. For a career in Big Data and analytics, one must understand Apache Hadoop. A PG in Data Analytics course from a reliable and certified source is the way forward.

Let’s understand what Hadoop is all about.

What is Apache Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop is an open-source platform. It is used to store and process Big Data on a large scale. It offers reliable, scalable and distributed processing of massive amounts of data. Hadoop-based applications use data stored on clusters of commodity computers. These sysetms are inexpensive. Thus, Hadoop uses the computational power of an extensive network of clusters at a lower cost.

Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella created the Big Data analytics platform in 2005. Many large businesses use Hadoop. It provides a cost-effective solution to store and process data. Big Data analytics is an emerging field used across many sectors. The good thing is that one can learn Hadoop online and prepare for a career in data analytics.

Applications of Apache Hadoop

Learning Hadoop can be excellent for a data analytics career. Let's look at some of its primary uses in the real world.

Understanding customer requirements

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Companies in sectors like finance and telecom use Hadoop to get customer insights. For example, sales data determines when a specific product sells the most. Or why certain products sell more on particular hours or days. Hadoop can track social media data and online conversations about a business. Monitoring online data helps the business understand customers’ grievances and expectations. Hadoop's insights can enhance the quality of service and improve customer satisfaction.

Security and law enforcement

Hadoop is also in use in the field of security. Many law enforcement agencies use it to become more efficient, proactive, and accountable. Hadoop enables them to detect suspicious activities and security breaches in real-time. The police department uses it to predict criminal activities and catch criminals. The national security agency of the USA uses it to prevent terrorist attacks.

Financial institutions also use Hadoop to detect any fraudulent transactions.

Healthcare intelligence

Healthcare providers and healthcare insurance companies are using Hadoop-based healthcare intelligence apps. These apps help process large data sets and devise smart business solutions at a lower cost. Hadoop's scalable and inexpensive features can accommodate dynamic data and scale.

Financial trading and forecasting

Hadoop is quite popular in the field of financial trading. Its algorithm allows it to scan markets with predefined conditions and find trading opportunities. Most trading decisions are made using Hadoop in high-frequency trading.

Improving science and research

Hadoop plays a major role in the research field as well. A considerable amount of relevant data is extracted and analysed to conclude early. This saves time and effort and improves the quality of output.

Optimising business processes

The most common application of Hadoop is to optimise a company’s performance. It can improve various business processes. Workspaces are improved by monitoring the employees’ behaviour. Most business decisions can be taken with the help of insights derived using Hadoop.


Apache Hadoop has plenty of other applications as well. The good news is that one can easily learn Hadoop online. If you want a successful data science career, you need to build your knowledge base in the field. We at Imarticus Learning offer one of the best data science courses with placement. We have developed our Post graduate program in data analytics and machine learning after having an in-depth understanding of the data science job landscape. The data science course with placement has a cutting-edge curriculum that teaches all the in-demand data analytics tools and job-relevant skills. Applicants can also learn Hadoop online in this course.

This PG in data analytics course will transform learners into expert data scientists as the course includes real business projects, relevant case studies, and mentorship from industry experts. It guarantees interview opportunities for learners, as we have over 400 placement partners. Fresh graduates and early career professionals (0-5 years of experience) with a technical background are welcome to apply. Anyone interested in enrolling in the program can enquire about it or chat with us.

Data science is a highly rewarding career path with many job opportunities across several sectors. Our data science courses with placement will set anyone inclined to be a data analyst on the right path.

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