How to Up skill Your Career in Big Data Analysis?

We are in the midst of a digital revolution; it only means that Big Data analytics is, and will continue to be one of the most important fields, working as a catalyst, to assist businesses to unveil the insights from data and aid business growth. It is predicted that in the coming years, big data analytics will continue to grow by leaps and bounds, and will impact our lives in ways beyond our current understanding. Therefore, initiating a Career in data analytics or big data could be the wisest move that one makes. However, breaking into this field is not as easy as it sounds, as there is a combination of skills and technology available, a person planning a career in data analytics might not know which skill to pick up, and where to start from.

You need to be academically relevant to the field, like a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in the relevant filed like, statistics, math, or a PhD will further improve your chances of not only professional success but great salary packages as well. So if you have a chance to acquire an advanced degree please do so. If not, and you are in the mid of your career than picking up a course or certification would be the next best option. Certified Analytics Professional, Data Science Associate, PG Data Analytics by Imarticus Learning, Big Data and Hadoop by Imarticus Learning, and other similar certifications are available to choose from.

A career in data science will need to be of two types 

Technical Skills

You will need to upscale or build on the already existing technical skills to succeed in this ever-evolving field. Working knowledge of Statistics, understanding the concepts of Data Mining, Data Science with R, Python or SAS, Application of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Software Programming Languages and Database Management, and lastly Data Visualisation, are a few skills, of these you could choose to build deep knowledge in a few or all skills, depending upon the scope of work interest and business requirement.

Business Skills

A person planning to work in the analytics field, irrespective of their level and designation, should know how to correlate their tasks with the larger picture, hence Business Acumen, Inquisitiveness in Problem Identification, Approach and Solution, Creativity and most importantly Communication are a few non-negotiable skills to be developed, so that in this ever competitive data world you can get a hold on the desired position.
This field of big data and analytics is not static, in the coming years, there will be a technology explosion, demanding change and flexibility from professionals. If your intent is to enter the field or sustain your position in the field, then upgrading your skill-set becomes essential.
No matter how analytically sound you are, and how great your knowledge is in advanced analytics, nothing can teach or replace the ability to think through a situation. The way big data functions now, is changing, and new technologies will replace the ones mentioned above. But if you are naturally inquisitive and motivated to dig deep, with rock-solid determination to find answers or solutions, then you will always be a desired candidate for corporations.

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