Top Five Fiction Reads Set in The World of Investment Banking

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Investment banking is an immensely specialized field wherein financial corporations termed as investments banks assist public and private commercial entities in complex transactions. So, it is natural to have much literature that surrounds this broad topic. To save your precious time in finding out the best fiction books available on investment banking, here are the top five handpicked books that are set amidst the world of investment banking.

Lets us know the thought flow of various authors in these fiction books on investment banking:

1. Free to trade by Michael Ridpath
The journey of this fiction book brings out the insights of the author upon the possible business complexities. This is a novel of suspense by a British author, where you see the narrator, Paul Murray is an ex-Olympic runner and a bond trader in London whose life turns upside down when his colleague drowns into the Thames.  Paul suspects it to be a murder, whereas the police suspect it to be an accident or suicide. Free to Trade being Ridpath financial thriller where the narrator Paul sets on a road to London, Manhattan and Las Vegas to untap the fraudulent activities involved in the colleague's death. The author has told his story well through a skillful narrative of the protagonist.

2. The Chairman by Stephen Frey 
Shedding light on the darker side of the wall street, The Chairman portrays the power and risks faced by the young Christian Gillette who heads the throne of a towering firm after the sudden demise of its owner. A phase where Gillette escapes an explosion throws light on the undeniable risks that come along with power. The journey of Gillette when he takes the helm includes destruction, success, failure, attacks, betrayal, loyalty and assassination. The world of billion-dollar deals in this fiction gets exciting when the enemies try to hold the success ladder of Gillette. This highly finance-centric thriller has a cutting edge and intense that is portrayed in Stephen Frey's novels surrounded in the financial world.

3. The Predator by Micheal Ridpath
Top investment bank Bloomfield Weiss has taught its employees to be predators, winners and killer deal makers. During the bank's training program period, Chris and Lenka along with a gang of friends get on an upfront confrontation on their failed love story, when one of the group dies the rest of the members are left to cover up the truth. After a decade, Chris finds Lenka murdered and his world falls apart as he has to tackle the pressure of the company to keep it afloat along with the loss of his friends and business partners. The author has provided a master class financial thriller which one cannot afford to miss.

4. The price of Risk by Christopher Reich
This is yet another impeccable financial thriller by Christopher Reich that brings espionage to Wall Street. Being the head of the investment bank Comstock Partners, Bobby gets bewildered by a threatening text message from his father right before his death. Bobby's investigation gets him trapped in an unruly way with the US target. This journey is enlightened by short, fast-paced scenarios, including a chapter where the wife of Bobby is also entangled to the same conspiracy. Reich confines this novel brilliantly into the world of finance, and international terrorism entangles Bobby in identifying the killer of his father.

5. The Day Trader by Stephen W. Frey
Augustus McKnight, who is having a dead-end life being a sales representative of a paper company, earns a lump sum by investing in the stock market. Even before he could reveal the windfall, his wife confronts him about her illicit affair. The death of Augustus's wife makes him the beneficiary of million dollar life insurance.  To get over the devastating loss of his wife Augustus plunges into rigorous stock market trading and finds that he is just a pawn and a target in the exhilarating world of finance. This novel narrates the gamble between life and fortune of Augustus with nerve-wracking suspense.

Bottom Line
These fascinating stories tailored in the world of finance are an absolute treat for book lovers. The impeccable knowledge of the authors in the manipulative world of investment banking has led them to display a peek into the other side of investment banking. These books will undoubtedly be an excellent choice to widen your knowledge of the industry and the risks associated with it. Albeit in a fun way!

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