Why Fintech Needs to Start Counting for The Unimaginable 2020?


Fintech is a young achiever in India. Just a half-decade into its foray it has completely transformed the behavior of consumers. From cash to cards and now smartphone digital payments the concept of money stands redefined. The young Turk of Fintech can hope to see much development and should gear itself for 2020. The Government has placed its bet on the Fintech industry and has gone all out to promote the revolution with large incubators, sand-boxes, and promotion of the Digital India movement. So what does 2020 hold for this nascent industry? Let us explore the main contributory factors that are sure to dominate the next decade and usher in the digital revolution.
Digital Payments:
While blockchain technology and the digital mobile app solutions for payments like the interface for unified payments UPI the QR scan Bharat, initiatives of large online payment solutions like Amazon and Google Pay and many more the Indian markets will see much user-experience improvements. As of today, and according to NPCI the Indian payments corporation digital payments on UPI recorded a growth of 20 percent and 2018 saw over six-figure Crore worth money being transacted in nearly 621 million digital or mobile transactions. Truly messaging money is as simple as it gets!
Scanning of QR codes:
India uses the slightly outdated version of QR codes that are static while countries like China have moved to dynamic codes already. Even street vendors use the QR scan options to accept even the least payments and have made a huge impact on the behavior of the customers pan India. Alipay, Wechat, Tencent, Paypal, and a host of other big players see India as an emerging market for QR code scanning applications and evolving technologies in payment solutions. With sanctions and trade-wars hanging over the global industrial scenario 2020 will be a decisive year as far as Indian markets go.
Banking for MSME/ SME:
2020 will definitely be the year when the Fintech players fill the gaps in traditional retailer banking with innovative solutions and better customer experience. With fintech based aggressive companies competing for a place in the lending sector, the impetus for MSME/SME lending and credit is set to grow and will probably overtake retail-banking. Rightly so, since they are vital drivers for an economy that needs a boost and niche to grow into. Fintech also is a great step towards inclusion financially and a step in the right direction for the growth of industries according to the survey data from FICCIIBA.
Credit and lending apps:
Over and above the lofty goals of financial inclusion and growing the economy, the Indian market is where credit has been consistently withheld and is a cumbersome process. A plethora of changes is expected with online loan facilities and a population that is largely credit-starved. The over 15 crore market, the POS credit facilities being offered by giants like Amazon, Flipkart and others, and the rapid development of credit apps for digital lending are set to dominate the development of the Fintech sector especially with the credit card circulation rate is less than 3.9 crore. This is a win-win situation for the young digital-age consumers with instant facilities to pay in installments and for the business enterprises to cash in on the burgeoning customer market for credit facilities completely doing away with the unnecessary issue of credit cards.
Fintech training:
The growth in this sector has also seen the promotion of Fintech learning in a big way. The essentials of finance, technology and practical development of learning have seen unprecedented boom-time. Are you interested in what the Fintech industry could mean to your career and how you could be a part of this growth? Try the courses at Imarticus Learning which not only gear you for a career in Fintech but also offer assured placements in this next-gen technology.
In parting, 2020 looks promising for disrupting in the Fintech segment and the emergence of young startups as the unicorns of tomorrow for all the above reasons. Beat the helm of a fintech career and experience the seamless career transitions at Imarticus. Besides, where futuristic technology is expected to spur growth, one cannot but place a bet on the reputed favorites, right? Enroll at Imarticus today and ensure you are part of Fintech’s success.

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