Is Data Analytics in The Demand?

If you are looking to enter the field of data science, then here are a few tools that you must consider learning. They will not only give you the required skills but also will help build your case. If we imagine these tools in the form of a pie chart then the percent occupied by these tools would be as follows;
R Programming- 26%
SAS- 20%
Tableau- 17%
Spark- 14%
For the first time in data science, the open sourced tools have taken away the crown as opposed to the licensed tools. These tools are commonly used by various professionals in data science like analysts and developers. They mainly are a part of the machine learning operations, data visualizations, and big data operations.
Today, data has taken over quite the ubiquitous nature and is being treated as an asset by many top firms in the industry. Many experts believe that these tools are soon going to be the next big thing to change the way data works. Which is why it is important to learn how to work with them and more importantly, find out which tools fit you the best.
Apart from those mentioned above, there is also a great demand for many open sourced tools. These tools are basically those that can be downloaded free of cost. They are Tableau Public, Refine, KNIME, Rapid Miner, Google Fusion Tables, NODEXL, WolframAlpha, Google Operators, FrontlineSolvers, Dataiku and so on. There are also others like SQL, Big Data Hadoop, and Pig which have great demand in the data analytics market.
Many of these tools help you out greatly in the process of data analytics. When it comes to a data analyst, there are a few end goals that have to be achieved. These professionals have to analyze data, extract valuable information from it so as to boost the performance of an organization and so on.
For instance, let’s talk about Tableau Public. This is a very simple tool, extremely easy to use and it democratizes visualization. It forms the base for data visualization in order to communicate similar such insights to the users. With the help of this tool, one can investigate a hypothesis quickly, explore the data as well as confirm whatever your intuitions about the data are.
Open Refine is another tool which was earlier known as Google Refine. It is essentially a data cleaning software, which ensures that the data is good enough to go in for analysis. There are many uses of this tool. These include cleaning of messy data, data transformation, parsing of data from websites, the addition of data to data sets by fetching it from web services.
Thus, there are many tools available in the industry today to choose from if you are interested in the big data analytics courses. In order to learn most of them, you can definitely take up professional training courses like the ones that are offered by Imarticus Learning, which will help you become industry endorsed.

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