Is Blockchain Worth Investing In? If So, How Do You Go About It?

Cryptocurrencies drew a lot of discussion and attention with falling prices, bans and legalese. Currently riding high is the Blockchain technology supporting it worth investing in.

Blockchain Technology

Simply put, the revolutionary Blockchain technology makes possible a precise digital system that accounts all transactions while storing every change in a "block." A series of blocks form a “chain” and its name. Further, they are locally stored but updated instantaneously on all networked computers making the system recorded, secure and manipulation-free. A huge boon, especially when financial transactions are involved.
Very large names like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, the banking, fintech, and financial sectors and startups like Sia Cloud are probing, using and relying on Blockchains and hence the share values of firms invested in it is bound to grow in leaps and bounds if it becomes the next successful unicorn in today’s digital and rapidly transforming markets.

Blockchain Shares and Where Is It worth Investing In

When cryptos are not for you then investing in the technology behind them, makes perfect sense and is the right way to go. Brokers and trading are synonymous, and the field is complex. There are also free brokers like ING-Diba and Comdirect who provide a good experience in trading.
Currently, the market in Blockchain shares has two groups from the investment perspective.

Low Capital Startups and Holding Companies

  • TIO Networks provides cloud services to pay multiple channel invoices in the unbanked areas. Currently, they have three BU’s Telecom Solutions (service-provider area), Consumer Financial Solutions (B2C) and Biller and Agent Solutions (for process-payments).
  • Bitcoin Group SE the holding company focuses on disruptive, innovative business models and technologies for the cryptos and Blockchain segments. They own Bitcoin Deutschland AG.
  • The British Coinsilium Group is invested in fintech innovations and Blockchain-based technologies.
  • Digitalx and Telefonica will collaboratively make the Blockchain-based money transfer app Airpocket for payment transfers.

Large Companies Using Blockchains in Cryptocurrency and Financial Technology

  • Apple terms Zcash a legitimate crypto because it is anonymous, private and uses secure zero-knowledge Blockchain technology.
  • IBM offers ‘Blockchain Clouds’ targeting high-speed transactions of 1000/second in businesses and trading markets.
  • RWE and Innogy are also using sustainable Blockchains for their new venture.

There are many others like these which are worth researching and are using the technology for cybersecurity, the IoT, AI, cloud computing and such emerging areas. The most significant innovation would be when fintech courses are involved and include important areas like investing in internet values and potential of Blockchains conduct open discussions on cryptocurrencies investments and their future in our digital world of TODAY.

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