Investment Banking Training in 12 Easy Steps

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Investment Banking Training in 12 Easy Steps

In the modern financial and corporate environment, it is essential to learn investment banking. It can be an excellent option for looking for a rewarding career. Alongside being a highly sought-after career choice, it offers the highest growth potential for everyone of hard work valued financially and in terms of recognition and satisfaction.

Steps to Follow to Become a Successful Investment Banker

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If you are thinking about what it takes to become an investment banker, then you should consider doing the following steps:

Complete 10+2

You can choose to go with the commerce, arts or science streams in your 10+2. But you could prefer the commerce stream and pursuing math, accounting, economics as well as computer technology and business.

College Entrance Exams can be Passed

To be accepted into specific institutions for your post-graduation or graduation degrees, it is possible to score high marks on an exam that is a national or state-level entrance test that is competitive.

Earn a Bachelor's Degree

To get into an entry-level job at an investment bank, you will need to complete an undergraduate degree of three or four years. You study economics, mathematics, accounting and corporate finance, financial management and taxation, investment, business administration and data analytics.

Obtain a Master's Degree

A two-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) in finance management is a highly sought-after postgraduate degree for bankers working in investment.

Try to Earn a Doctorate

If you want to pursue a PhD in banking and finance, then it is necessary to require knowledge about asset pricing theory and corporate finance theory. Techniques for research in finance are the foundations of business research and the microstructure of markets. 

Get a Certification

You can boost your career opportunities by obtaining a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional designation. It is possible to enrol in the course after having completed the bachelor's program and investment banking courses with placement. The length of the programme can be between one to four years.

Find an Internship

Internships at investment banks usually last anywhere from one month to two years. Alongside financial education, you can join investment banking training to improve your presentation, communication and negotiation abilities. 

Participate in Events and Socialise

You can enrol to attend information sessions through your career services and find opportunities to talk to employers at recruiting events. Virtual seminars online could give a glimpse of your work day as an investment banker.

Calculative Skills

An occupation in banking or finance is not secure until you possess solid mathematical capabilities. Since experts in investment banking spend a lot of their time playing with numbers, mathematical abilities must be your strongest strength.

IT Skills

When we refer to IT skills, IB professionals need to be familiar with software such as Excel or PowerPoint, ERP or SQL. It's also advantageous to be familiar with the basics of Blockchain as well as APIs. 

Get a Job

It is possible to receive an employment offer right after your internship, either through an interview at a university or by applying to open jobs with investment banks or financial advisory firms.

Opting for investment banking training from Imarticus can assist you in continuing your education in investment banking and remaining in the game. You can acquire new abilities, get informed about trends in the field, meet with leaders in the industry and build your knowledge in investment and finance for corporate. This will help you move up into management positions at a higher level.

Keep Learning

Keep learning by attending seminars, learning modules and online courses. It is always essential to stay updated with new technologies and banking instruments. Online courses and programmes are great for quickly gaining specialised knowledge or skills.


Investment Banking is a demanding and ever-changing field. The most successful investment bankers can provide a luxurious lifestyle for their families and themselves. People who can overcome their initial challenges and skill through investment banking training from Imarticus can generally make decent salaries in this area. For promising and possessing strong analytical and numerical skills, the field can offer an unlimited growth rate and rapid expansion.

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