Investment Banking Online Training: The Ultimate Guide!

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Investment banking (IB) is a huge sector with global market size of $289 billion. An investment banker helps his/her clients in generating capital. A good investment banker stands by his/her client in any type of financial unhappening and gives his/her experienced advice.

They help out their client with Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). If you have made your mind to step in this field and learn more, you can do it through Investment banking online training. You can choose from a plethora of courses available on the internet. Let us see which online courses are the best? & what does an Investment banking online training focus on?

What Skills Do Online Investment Banking Courses Focus On?

  • These courses focus on developing the analytical skills of the learner. As an investment banker, one can find situations where they have to analyze the available information and predict whether any particular venture is good for his/her client’s business or not? Online IB courses also focus on making the learner familiar with databases, from which the data can be accessed. With good analytical skills, one can predict the roadmap for any particular business in a good way.
  • One should have a prerequisite about accounting before leaping forward. These courses also focus on required technical skills like valuation, financial modelling, etc. Some courses also focus on the usage of spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel for better analysis.
  • They also focus on communication & presentation qualities. A good investment banker can convey his/her thoughts to people effectively and convincingly.
  • The learner is taught about the trade life cycle. There are online courses available that teach risk analysis and management at bad times. This will help you in assisting your client in a better way and gaining his/her trust/loyalty.
  • These online courses also focus on Mergers & Acquisitions. Topics like leverage buyout are covered which is the acquisition of a company that has taken debt to meet the cost of acquisition.
  • They also make you familiar with legal terms and conditions related to Investment banking.

Few good Investment Banking Online Training/Courses

  • The Complete Investment Banking Course 2020 – This course is spanned across 33 key topics ranging from trading & brokerage to Initial Public Offering. There are also 12-course challenges to evaluate your skills. Currently, this course has 72,721 students. Previous versions of this course were also successful. They have always added new topics and have worked on improving their course from time to time. It is one of the best online courses available in the market. Its duration is also self-paced.
  • Investment banking Training by CFI – This course is for 6 weeks. They cover the fundamental topics of IB like valuation, financial modelling, corporate finances, etc. They also focus on teaching banking statement analysis & creation.
  • Free Investment banking Course by WallStreetMojo – You will get ample time to complete this course as it is self-paced. This course focuses on topics like equity investments, IPO, etc. This course will help you in increasing your analytical and accounting skills. It also teaches you to work on Excel sheets for calculations related to finance/investment.
  • Introduction to Finance: Valuation and Investing Specialization by Coursera – This course is for people who have intermediate knowledge about Investment banking. This course focuses on specialized topics of IB.
  • Investment banking Certification by New York Institute of Finance – Besides basic terminologies like M&A & risk management, this course also focuses on mutual funds, equity, hedge funds, portfolio management, etc.


Investment banking is a developing field. Besides the aforementioned skills, there are many soft skills which a person has to develop within himself/herself if he/she wants to rise high. Resilience, confidence, etc. are some of them. This article was all about the general contents of an online course/training on IB & some good online courses available in the market. I hope it helps!

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