Investment Banking Courses After Graduation That Will Supercharge Your Career!

Investment Banking Courses

The importance of higher education is known universally. Higher education opens up doors to growth, new opportunities, and a plethora of jobs.

Investment banking is becoming one of the most popular career options among graduates, and this has led to a stark increase in the demand for banking courses after graduation.

Investment banker courses can help graduates land their dream job and explore new possibilities for a bright career and future.

Investment Banking CoursesThings to Consider While Applying for an Investment Banker Course

Choosing from the number of investment banking courses online can be a daunting task. Therefore, you need to keep in mind some points to consider before choosing from the Investment banking courses in India. Although the investment banking course duration may not be a major concern for students, the investment banking course fees generally are.

You may find some free investment banking courses online but they usually provide pretty basic knowledge and often lack credibility. And, you may not even need to go for the very expensive courses. You need to figure out which investment banking course is the right fit for you according to your budget and the skills you need to learn or brush upon.

The skills the course is looking to inculcate in you in the next important thing you need to consider. Also, there are not many investment banking courses with placement assistance, but if you can find one within your budget, then it’s like the cherry on your treat.

Best Investment Banking Courses Online

Here are some of the best investment banking courses in India:

1.  CIIB (Certificate in Investment Banking)

Certificate in Investment Banking is a comprehensive exam to test the candidate’s level of experience and expertise in the investment banking field. This is one of the best investment banking courses after graduation. The investment banking course fees are not much compared to other courses online.

Certificate in Investment Banking Course Details

  • It is provided by the AIWMI (Association of International Wealth Management of India).
  • The eligibility of this course is minimal. You can be a graduate in any stream to take this course.
  • The course will provide you knowledge on:
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Investment Banking Basics
    • IPO, Listing, and Fundraising
    • Transactions Analysis
    • Corporate Actions and Restructuring
    • Leveraged Buyouts (LBO)
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Asset Class Valuations including DCF

2.  NCFM (NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets)

NCFM is conducted by the National Stock Exchange of India. The entire course focuses on providing you with important information and skills that help you in increasing the quality of your service as an investment banker. This may not be one of the investment banking courses with placement but sure increases your chances of landing on an investment banker post in one of the top companies. Fluency in English and knowledge of computers are the only eligibility that you need to take this course.

3.  FLIP (Finitiatives Limited India Pvt. Ltd.) Certification

FLIP is a leading financial and banking firm that provides the finest courses in investment banking in India. This is one of the most prominent courses that a student can go for after graduation to sharpen his/her expertise and become one of the best investment bankers out there.

Investment banking has become a highly competitive field and is sought after by almost every graduate. Banks, companies, corporations, and governments now want experienced and expert investment bankers who are highly qualified.

Though investment banking course duration for some certifications may seem like a long time, the high pay and high profile life of an investment banker make up for it. If you want to pursue a career in this field and want to go for the best course, then do check out the certificate in investment banking course details

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