Introducing Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Collaboration with E & ICT Academy, IIT Guhawati and Imarticus Learning

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses in India

Introducing Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Collaboration with E & ICT Academy, IIT Guhawati, and Imarticus Learning

Machine learning is powered by AI. With ML, we can power programs that are easily updated and modified to adapt to new environments and tasks- resulting in quick progress on difficult projects. ML and AI are almost synonymously used in tandem when it comes to the latest tech trends. And, AI has disrupted many industries forever - like SaaS, Manufacturing, Defense, Analytics, public sector, and so on.

If you learn machine learning through the best Machine Learning & AI course, you are likely on a fast and high-growth career trajectory.

Here is why!

#1. ML & AI Are Skills of the Future

Skills in ML can affect your long-term employment prospects because the field is projected to experience rapid growth.

With the emergence of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning is experiencing a certain surge in demand and popularity.

If you learn machine learning by taking up data science certifications, there is an increase in the probability that you will have better job prospects as compared to someone without ML skills.

#2. Solve Real-World Problems

There is a lot of talk about how AI will replace jobs, but the truth is it will create new job opportunities. As an ML engineer, for instance, you get to work on projects that have a big impact in the real world and lead to business solutions that are meaningful.

#3. Versatile Growth Opportunities in the Data Sciences

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML &AI) skills are beneficial to a data science career. Both positions give you the opportunity to let your knowledge of both fields expand. Switching back and forth between roles can quickly enable you to become an invaluable resource in today’s rapidly changing world.

You want to have an advantage as early as possible so that you can learn about solving new and undiscovered problems. When the time comes, these skills will be in great demand and allow you to secure a career path on the rise.

What does a growth path in this domain look like?

Typically, a machine learning engineering career path begins with being a Machine Learning engineer. Machine learning engineers develop applications that automate common tasks previously done by humans and take care of the repetitive ones for humans to do efficiently without error.

When you earn a promotion as an ML engineer, you are then promoted to be an ML architect! Their responsibility is to develop and design prototypes for applications that need development.

There are a few other roles in the field which one could take on as well. These include ML data scientists, ML software engineers, senior software architects, and more.

New tech arenas keep developing into this space. So, keep your interest, skills, and industry demands aligned for the best growth!

How to make a successful career in AI & ML?

Want to learn machine learning with the best Machine Learning & AI course?

Imarticus brings to you the class-leading AI & ML certification in collaboration with the E&ICT Academy of IIT-Guwahati.

Our highly-rated program has fostered hundreds of successful professionals serving the industry worldwide. Your chance to be a part of this prestigious career trek begins with us. Enroll with Imarticus now!

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