How a supply chain management training is proving helpful during the pandemic

supply chain management courses

How supply chain management training is proving helpful during the pandemic

As the world got rocked by an unprecedented pandemic, the supply chain management course proved to be one of the best decisions for some students. With this type of training, businesses are more prepared to ramp up their production and need a healthy workforce to handle it. In this blog post, students will learn the importance of a supply chain management career. So, let us start with the fundamentals of supply chain management.

What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management is a network of entities involved in the process that begins with raw materials and leads to production, warehousing, distribution, and marketing. The goal is for distributors to get products into the hands of consumers efficiently by reducing costs while also maintaining product quality at all times. 

It is where supply chain management training comes in!

Supply Chain Management Training: Why it's important?

SCM is a thorough understanding of demand and inventory management. How stock prices fluctuate based on market movements are just reasons companies should invest in staff members who have undergone supply chain management training.

Typically, students interested in this type of career can complete a Supply chain management online course that focuses extensively on business and marketing principles. Students will learn how processes can be improved by effectively providing resources at each stage of the distribution process, including manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, marketing, and distribution.

How A SCM Training Is Helpful During Pandemic

The importance of supply chain management gets neglected, but it is an integral part of any organization's success. Good supply chains focus on internal processes and external factors such as suppliers, product development, finance & accounting, etc. They drive customer satisfaction by lowering risk exposure from poor quality or discrepancies with stock levels that might result from errors during production or logistics operations.

 The time when products arrive at their end destination should be minimum and consistent with the manufacturing time.  The quality of products needs to match customer expectations. The supply chain must reduce risk exposure caused by external factors such as poor weather conditions. It might affect transport costs or delays due to political events or strikes. 

 In many cases, this is important when companies lack capacity or because it makes sense from an operational cost-savings perspective. Since purchasing power may still help drive down costs and improve the bottom line. It is also an essential aspect of supply chain management. 

Why Enroll in SCM Program at Imarticus Learning

The Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management online course and Analytics is created in partnership with DoMS and E-learning Centre, IIT Roorkee, and industry professionals. Imarticus Learning aims to equip candidates interested in entering the operations and supply chain business with cutting-edge experience.

Supply Chain Analytics allows management to make data-driven choices at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. There is a scarcity of experts with the process and analytical skills in the Supply Chain Management area. This credential prepares students for jobs such as Demand Planner, Data Scientist, Supply Planner, and Supply and Operations Planner, which are in high demand.

Some course USPs:

  • The Supply chain management course lets the students learn job-relevant skills that prepare them for an exciting Supply chain management career.
  • Impress employers & showcase skills with a certification endorsed by India's most prestigious academic collaborations -  IIT Roorkee and Imarticus Learning.
  • World-Class Academic Professors to learn from through live online sessions and discussions. This will help students understand the practical implementation with real industry projects and assignments.

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