India Moves to Install an Automated Face Recognition System

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What is Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition is a technique that allows the identification of an unknown person or helps determining a specific person’s identity just by using their face.

It is a part of artificial intelligence technology called computer vision. Facial recognition, however, is specialized and can come with baggage and some spoofing vulnerabilities for a few applicants.

How Does Facial Recognition Work Exactly?

Early automated face recognition systems depended on biometrics, like the distance between the person’s eyes, which would convert the two-dimensional features being measured into numbers that would help describe the face. This process of recognition involved comparing these vector values to the already known set in the database.

One complication that was faced in this initial technique was that it did not account for minor errors like head rotation and tilt as it was a more geometric approach.

artificial intelligence and machine learning coursesNow the software that is being focused on has a more photogenic approach,

allowing a more efficient three-dimensional facial recognition.

Things will be made much clearer, in this respect, to aspirants by taking up an artificial intelligence and machine learning course and will help them succeed in an artificial intelligence career.

What Does India Have in Mind For The Use of Automated Facial Recognition Software?

India, in a recent bid to automate the Indian criminal system and improve national security, has decided to implement an automated facial recognition system. This is being done starting with the headquarters of the NCRB in Mahipalpur.

Facial recognition has been a branch of artificial intelligence that has been strongly debated for a long time with a large number of skeptics worrying about the various threats that it can pose to privacy. The initial concerns included that facial recognition software if implemented completely can track the location and movement of citizens, giving this information to the government, without consent. These concerns have been dealt with and hence the software is now being put out.

An automated facial recognition system would be available to all the branches including state police, central forces, and central agencies which all fall under the central government.

According to the NCRB, the presence of an automated facial recognition system would serve as storage for criminal photographs while also facilitating a more efficient method to source out crime patterns and would allow a better understanding of criminal motives.

Using just one click of an icon on a mobile phone, crime fighters will be able to detect all of the criminal histories associated with a person from the automated facial recognition system database. It also has the ability to source out and collect data from a wide set of sources like CCTV footage and sound an alert if a blacklisted criminal is located.

It also updates the database by adding in new information and new pictures that it can collect through various forms of media like newspaper clippings, raids, sketches, and if a picture has been taken by a citizen.

This system may also help collect proof for crimes and thus aid the police and court in indicting a criminal quickly.

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