Importance of R Programming As a Tool in the Machine Learning Spaces

With the announcement that, Data Science is one of the sexiest careers of the 21st century and the subsequent success of e-commerce giants with the help of data analytics, the world has seen a rise in the demand for data scientists. These professionals who are also known as Data Analysts are responsible for extracting this data, mining it, analysing it and drawing insights so as to add value to the firms.

A lot of companies across different fields have been hiring these professionals due to their specific skill set and the ability to turn numbers into growth and success. These professionals usually work with one or many data analytics tools like, SAS Programming, R Programming, Hadoop and Python and so on. Of these, R Programming is one tool, which has recently seen a lot of popularity and increased number of users, due to the fact that it is open sourced and easily accessible.

All of these data analytics tools are used by the professionals, depending upon what kind of job they want to accomplish.
Data AnalyticsR Programming is most popular choice, when it comes to thoroughly understanding data, by using various graphs and statistical methods. This tool becomes especially important when it comes to machine learning spaces, mainly due to its several packages and advanced implementations, useful for the top machine learning algorithms, which every data scientist is familiar with. All of these packages help in different kind of functions and are highly sought after, because they can be downloaded free of cost. Being an open sourced platform, R Programming has a huge community of contributors, the world over, who regularly add technical updates, which can easily be added to your projects.
These packages that are a part of R Programming can perform various specific functions like, take care of the missing values, allow you to partition your data, classify and combine, and find out the hidden layers in your data and so on. This vastness and variety in packages, makes for R’s strongest suit. Furthermore it is able to offer rich functionality, for the developers so as to enable them to build their own tools and analysing methods. Being open sourced, has given R a lot of leverage over the other data analytics tools, as the users can very well extend it without the need for any permission. What increases R Programming’s importance in the space of machine learning, is the fact that any new research in the field of data science, has a compatible package of R with it.
CIRP- Certification in R ProgrammingR Programming since its inception in around the late 90’s, has only seen major growth; and now, it is being assimilated into various commercial fields such as Oracle, IBM, MATLABS and others. There is a long list of companies in the data analytics industry, which have already declared their adoption of the platform. Adding to its popularity, it has been declared as the most popular platform for any successful practicing Data Scientist. As its popularity increases, there are a lot of institutes offering certification courses in this data analytics tool. Imarticus Learning is a leading education institute, offering industry-endorsed courses in R Programming, in both classroom and online format.

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